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A small island where passing ships, not only pirated ones, usually replenish fresh water.
I suggest you stay there.
“Fine,” Anna grinned nervously.

– You are a real gentleman! After all, I have no choice, so why talk? Planted even now.
– You did not understand me! – he frowned.
– I suggest to stay there with me.
Wait! Let me agree! Yes, I understand that.
Your reputation will suffer when the passing ship finds us.
You will be in the company of a stranger to you.
But now we are talking about saving your life.
If you still decide to stay here, I promise to protect you until my end, I am even ready to kill you.
prevent violence against you.
The captain bowed his head and waited for the girl’s response.
“I don’t want to die,” she said softly, “but also.”
I also do not want to fall into the hands of your friends, – she looked up at him and firmly answered: – I agree to land on the island.
how are you
a business? If we find a passing ship, you risk.
to be charged with crimes.
“Oh, don’t let that bother you, Miss Anna!” – he laughed and suddenly said seriously and sharply: – Let us not stick your lovely nose into things that do not concern you.
Seeing that his words hurt her, he added: “However, if this calms you down.”
The girl’s face flashed with indignation, she glared at her in anger and wanted to say something, but he had already left, locking the door as usual.
The next day, Anna and the captain, accompanied by four of his loyal comrades, among whom was old Jim, landed on the island.
Helping to go ashore, the captain graciously extended her hand to the girl, but Anna, as if she had not noticed his gesture, and boldly took a step, wetting her legs.
Finding herself on the shore, she went along the edge of the water, breathing in the sea air with a full chest, exposing her pale face to a light breeze.

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The company of pirates was divided.
The captain and Jim began to unload the boat, pull out of it the things necessary for life on the island, and three other sailors went to fetch water.
“Well, son,” said the old man, “I don’t understand you.”
Because of the girls quit their job.
– he shook his head.
– I do not understand! You are a captain from God! Of course, the thing she must be sweet, ”he grinned,“ indulge yourself with her here. ”
Okay, okay, don’t look at them with your eyes like that! – Jim, stop talking! You know, I’m saving her.
The guys are nervous.
I am responsible for it.
I can not otherwise.
– Do you love her! – Jim grinned.
– But for some reason you don’t want to admit this to yourself.
When the pirates sailed, Serge approached Anna and said: “Miss, I see, you are angry with me,” he smiled, “but since we have to be here alone for quite some time, I suggest we make peace.”
Forget resentment.
However, I personally never had them on you.
“I’m not angry at you at all,” Anna was embarrassed.
– I thank you for.
the rescue.
She, not maintaining his gaze, dropped her eyes.
He suddenly took her hand and pulled her toward the forest.
– Come on, there is a small hut nearby.
I built it a few years ago.
I think your gentle hands better able to equip our temporary home.
– But.
– Anna blushed and hesitated, – and we have to live in

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the same room here? Suddenly, her question caused him a fit of sincere laughter.
She had never seen this stern and restrained man laugh so hard.
“I’m afraid yes, Miss,” he answered cheerfully, “unless, of course, you are not so cruel as to drive me to sleep in the open, where predators roam at night.”
Anna looked around cautiously.
– Predators? – With anxiety she asked.
“Yes,” he nodded, but his eyes flashed in a strange way that it was impossible to understand whether he was joking or speaking seriously.
– Are you afraid? You, who spent several weeks on a pirate ship, trusting one of the most desperate thugs, are you afraid of some kind of predator? – he grinned.
“I do not think, sir, that you are a desperate thug,” said the girl, “in any case, I know you from a somewhat different side.”
And most importantly, with the wild beast I can not agree, to argue that he did not eat me.
And with you I can always talk and come to a compromise.
“Hm, it’s nice that you have such a good opinion of me,” he grinned again.
The hut turned out to be small though it was, but inside there were two stove benches facing the opposite walls. I live sex chat.

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