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Usually she was simply told: – Let’s go !.
And she walked with her heavy, swinging gait, smiling meaninglessly and turning her eyes from right to left, what the hostess had taught her and what was called “luring the guest”.
Her tau eyes got used to this movement, that she was beginning to “lure away guests” right from the moment when, magnificently dressed, she went out into the hall in the evening, still empty, and so her eyes moved from side to side all the time while she was in the hall : alone, with friends or a guest – all the same.

She had an esh, and one oddity: wrapping her long braid of the color of a new bow of gokrug neck, she lowered the end, her chest and all the time holding her left hand – just wore a noose around her neck.
She could tell about herself that her name was Aksinya Kalugina, and she was from Ryazan province, that she was a girl, “sinned” once with “Fedka”, gave birth and came to this city with the family of “excise”, was his nurse, and then, when the child died, she was denied a place and “hired” here.
For four years now she has been living here.
– Like? – asked her.
– Nothing.
Full, shod, dressed.
Only restless here.
And Vaska too.
fights everything, damn it.
– But fun ?! – Where? she asked, “enticing a guest.”
– Here it is.
isn’t it fun? – Nothing !.

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– She answered and, turning her head, looked around the hall, just wanting to see where it was there, atoms of fun.
Everything around her was drunk and noisy and everything — from the hostess and girlfriends to the shape of cracks in the ceiling — was familiar to her.
She spoke in a thick, bass voice, and laughed only when she was tickled, laughed loudly, like a healthy man, and she was all shaking with laughter.
The most stupid and healthy among her friends, she was less unhappy than they were, for she was closer to the animal.
Of course, most of all there was fear of Vaska and hatred towards him among the girls of the house where he was a bouncer.
The girls were drunk: they did not hide

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these feelings and loudly complained to the guests about Vaska; but, since the guests did not come to them to protect them, the complaints had no consequences.
In the same cases, when they rose to hysterical screaming and sobbing and Vaska heard them, – his fiery head appeared in the doorway of the hall and an indifferent, wooden voice said: – Ek you, do not be silly.
– Executioner! Monster! – shouted the girl.
– How dare you disfigure me? Look, my lord, how ok I painted with a whip.
“P the maid attempted to tear off her bodice.
Then Vaska approached her, took her by the hand and, without changing her voice, – he was especially scared, – persuaded her: – Do not make a noise.
calm down
What are you yelling to no avail? Drunk you.
look Almost always this was enough, and very rarely Vaska had to take the girl away from the hall.
He took them for himself simply: for some reason, he liked that or tga, and he hoped for her: – I will come to you to sip today.
Then he went to her for a while and stopped walking without saying a word to her.
– Well, damn it! – the girls were expecting about him.
– Absolutely wooden one.
In his institution he lived in turns with almost all the girls, he lived with Aksinya. Indian model male nude.

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