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Began the third day of his vacation.
He got out of bed and went to the toilet.
Returning to the room, the man turned on the computer and, comfortably, sat in a chair in front of the monitor.

There was no business, and he wondered what he would do today? Not much thought, he lay down on the bed again and thought.
He is already forty-two, he is lonely, full, one hundred kilograms, almost bald man.

His son is a dunce, serving in the army, and his mother, a small, fat, sixty-two-year-old woman, will every day nag him.
Well, the vacation has begun.
He made it so that this vacation will last two months, and in the “zagashnik” he had about seventy thousand rubles, so with this money, he could walk as he should.
Finishing a cigarette, he sat down at the computer again and turned on the shooter.
The game “tightened”, he played for several hours.
Suddenly, the door to the room opened and his mother entered the room.
– Again, you are engaged in garbage! Nothing doing around the house! – the woman even blushed.

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She was infuriated that a healthy man, who did not want anything to do, wanted to do anything.
But even more, she was infuriated that her son did not want to obey her and completely ignored her.
– Therefore, with you, not one woman does not want to live! – She shouted, more and more angry.
– Well, stop, calm down! – A man tried to pacify his mother.
Looking at the indignant, red with anger mother, he saw in her, screaming piece, lustful meat, and this, which time, excited him.
For as long as he remembered himself, he always wanted to subdue and subdue this powerful woman who had spoiled him, and not only, most of his life.
Having shouted, the old woman, with a sense of accomplishment, left the room, slamming the door.
– It seems that all for today! – the man thought, but he didn’t guess, twice more that day, his mother “visited” his room.
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