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Now your girlfriend will join you: Ninka really twisted at the door of the office, trying to understand what was happening there.
But there was no keyhole, and it was impossible to determine from the sounds.
Suddenly the lock clicked open, the door opened, and the teacher, grabbing the girl by the hair, pulled her inside.

Ninka was dumbfounded when she saw the position of her friend, and did not manage to repel Natalia’s attack.
And she did not lose time.
Just wrapping Nina’s hands behind her back, she handcuffed them, and then made her open her mouth wide and put in a ball.
Having provided silence, the teacher began to undress the girl, again using

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the pointer as a simulator of submissiveness.
Nina studied faster: she had enough of two punishments to meekly carry out orders.
Natasha did not bind the girl anywhere, but instead she put leather bracelets on her arms and legs and tied her arms and legs to special metal sticks, connecting them with another one.
Now Ninka could neither straighten her legs, nor straighten herself.
The final touch was a dog collar that was worn around the neck.
Pulling on the leash, Natasha made Nina go to the hanger, where she left, putting the leash on a hook.
Julia with some horror watched the actions of the teacher.
She used her last words to curse herself for yesterday’s raid and wondered what else this witch awakened them would come up with.
And she slowly began to undress.

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Throwing off her clothes, Natalya Alexandrovna pulled on scarlet stockings, put on scarlet shoes on hefty, not less than ten centimeters heels, the scarlet corset, scarlet gloves to the elbows, the final was the scarlet mask in the form of a cat’s face, which covered her head and upper part of the face.
In this outfit, the teacher looked terribly sexy, the girls, already terribly excited, finally broke the thread.
They wanted immediate sex.
Especially Julia, who kept the vibrator on the verge of an orgasm, but did not let her finish.
Pulling out the whip of the seventail tail, Natasha went up to Yulia and asked: “Do you want to get laid?” – the girl in the affirmative moaned.
– Will you make noise? – Now the moo was negative.
– Well!! And you? – asked Natasha Ninku.
She also moaned something promising.
– Good!! But first: Having pulled out the video camera, Natalya Alexandrovna took both her friends off, and then installed them so that everything was filmed.
Having pulled the strapon from her bag, Natasha put it on, then walked over to Nina and, taking the balloon out of her mouth, put another strapon on her head.
Then she brought Ninka to a friend for a leash to her friend, pulled out a vibrator from that pussy and pushed Nina: come on, act! The girl hesitated, then Natalya started to use a whip.
After three burning blows Nina decisively plunged a member into her friend’s expiring vagina and earned it.
And Natasha smeared Nina’s anus and strapon with a cream and strongly pierced a girl in the ass.
A muffled cry escaped from Ninka’s mouth, but she was only able to plunge her strapon into Yulia’s pussy even deeper.
That and so on the verge of an orgasm, this was quite enough, the waves of pleasure flooded her.
But Natasha did not even think about stopping; Nink could not stop either.
The pain gradually mixed with pleasure until it was an orgasm.
The next one convulsed in pleasure convulsions, finally, Natalia.
But she did not think to stop the orgy.
By her order, Nina sent her strapon into the anus of Julia, and Natasha, changing her strapon for a longer and larger diameter, stuck into Nina’s pussy. Indian sex in hidden camera.

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