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Then he ordered me to undress myself, I did it in silence.
Finally he sat back spreading his legs and I knelt on his groin.
– Take it in your hand, and open the prick.

I obeyed.
Taking his standing member with my hand, I pulled off the skin and I opened his head, slightly rounded, red with a small drop of grease on the end.
-Let’s suck! I had never sucked a dick before, so I was a little confused, apparently realizing that Volodya began to put pressure on my nape and soon his dick parted my lips into my mouth.
I certainly sucked awkwardly, but soon he sniffed and finished in my mouth.
– Long time ago, I didn’t get high! And you do not hesitate to swallow.
I swallowed

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his cum and wiped my lips and began to dress.
Volodya told me that now I have to come to the medical unit after dinner and satisfy him.
The next day I had dinner and went not to the barracks but to the medical unit, because I was a signalman, I could leave the barracks under the pretext of repair work.
Therefore, they never looked for me.
In the medical unit I found Volodya, he was with four friends, they drank port wine and ate stew.
I was ordered to go to the empty chamber, undress and wait there.

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There were two mattresses on the floor, and a washbasin was attached to one of the beds.
I undressed and sat on the edge of the mattress began to wait.
Soon Volodya came in without undressing. He lowered his trousers on the mattress and gestured to his dick, I lay down between his legs so that I could hang over the standing member and began to work with my mouth.
This time I did better, and Volodya managed the process, forcing me to suck, pull my head with my tongue, lick his eggs and even kiss his anus.
Having finished, he put on his pants and went away, ordering to wait further, and I spat out the semen in the sink and sat down on the mattress and waited for what would happen next.
Soon one of his friends came in and it all happened again.
This evening I sucked the whole company, and one of them tried to put it in my ass, but I was very tense and it didn’t work.
And in the end, they forced me in the toilet in front of the whole company to engage in self-satisfaction.
So a few months passed, I went to them almost every evening and sucked the whole company.
Finally, one autumn evening, Volodya, instead of the medical unit, brought me to the same gym dressing room.
We undressed and, out of habit, I was going to take it into his mouth, but he stopped me and, after anoint his member with petroleum jelly, ordered me to lie down on my stomach.
I lay down on the mattress prudently spread out on the floor, and he lay on me and I felt like he was sticking my ass.
At first it was very painful and then tolerable.
He fucked me while periodically fiddling with my half-dysfunctional member, saying: “I see you like it, you slut. Jeffjam bongacams.

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