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Korean lesbian webcam. So not the lower self for her, or rather, not the lower sex.
So “Pedestal” took the dominant role in your life and in our relationship? – “Pedestal”? Dictatorship? Domination “Pedestal”? I do not think he dominates me.
upon you.
above us.

He seems to have a different mission altogether.
Rather, he is like a guardian angel, in any case, in that situation in which we found ourselves by our own stupidity.
He showed us the abyss, the abyss of the loss of what had just formed, still so tender and fragile.
Demonstrated the abyss, let hang over her in the twilight consciousness and grabbed the scruff when the body and soul fell down, saving us a chance for the future.
Maybe there is no “Pedestal” at all, and there is none at all, but there is such a miracle as Love, it just has a lot of guises, including in the form of a mysterious ridicule of two people doomed to reciprocity.
You said guardian angel.
So, he, this very “Pedestal”, from God or from Satan? Well, dear, you need to ask the father, though.
I think that whether there is love in the world or not, everyone decides for himself! Korean lesbian webcam.

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