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And there was nothing normal with him, no caress, no warmth, no strength.
That drunk, the stench per meter, then angry, like a Caucasian shepherd.
Slaps into bed, twitches like a clown with a red nose for about three minutes, slapped all and fall asleep.

– Why did you marry him? – He was cunning, affectionate, bought gifts, like all of you.
– Kate smiled sideways.
– Do you like strong sex? – I pinned her.
– Yes.
– razomlevshaya blonde proudly raised her head, – I am a beautiful young girl, so I have no right to embrace a strong healthy man? For a strong big cock? – Probably, you have.
– You had nobody for half a

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year? With your temperament? Honestly, he does not really fit with your romantic appearance.
“Appearance is deceptive,” she smiled, “It was once with a neighbor, there lived one pleasant guy, an Azerbaijani, hot, cool, I was with him, then he left.”
Yur, are you alone, or do you have someone? – She looked at my bare chest languid look.
– Now alone.
Believe it or not, I didn’t like blondes before, and I liked you.
Kate smiled, saw my eyes, as I squeezed my not yet fallen member.
– He is your good, healthy, like you yourself.
– Yes I know.
I want more.
– Oh, wait, I haven’t come to myself yet, it has not cooled with me yet.
– When it cools down, it will not interest me, – I joked.

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She stood up and took out the gasket, a white piece of feminine hygiene was saturated with vaginal juices.
– Look how flow you woke me up.
I looked at Katya as she took out from under the pubis of this mysterious place, the soaked pad of a sexually crumpled look, looked at me with a contented smile and without words spoke to me with a passionate little face “take me”! I really wanted more! Looking, as Katya inserts a gasket in the crotch, as she pulls out her plump thighs, then removes the gasket back, my dick has turned to stone again! Kate raised the hem of a short sundress and dried off with a towel, she slipped the towel up her ass and carefully wiped it, it pulled me off! I wanted to Katya face to face, in the most gentle and hot pose! I pulled out a towel from her and threw him at the ceiling, we embraced and began to kiss passionately! Suddenly the door slammed, I started, the member became softer, but Katya reassured me.
– This is a son, do not worry.
She straightened her dress and shoved a used pad that had fallen to the floor, with her foot under the sofa.
That very little boy, who was with the blonde in the store during the day, entered the kitchen.
“Sasha, say hello to your uncle, he is my new friend, his name is Yura,” she said to her son, “Yura, this is my son Sasha,” Katya smiled.
The boy timidly greeted me and went to his room.
“You’re so young, and you already have a son,” I was surprised at Katya.
– I am twenty-five, Sasha is seven, I gave birth to him at eighteen, normal.
How old are you? – I’m thirty.
“You don’t think badly of me, I’m not some kind of prostitute, or extortionist, throwing, no, I’m just an ordinary woman with a child, I can’t leave him, I have a good heart, and you have been given from the first day because you are temperamental, and I really liked you, yes, I need sex, but no one has given it for a long time. Lesbian hidden camera sex.

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