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Suddenly there was a pause: the palms of my tongue disappeared “from their seats.”
I was worried because I wanted to continue.
But the continuation was better than expected.

Wet hard lips clasped my head and the penis began to rhythmically dive into the female head worn over him.
Blowjob was cool.
A member of the tight wandered behind his cheeks, his tongue licked and sucked.
In between, the tongue went down and did not forget to pay attention to the testicles, as if not wanting to offend them.
I started to shake my hips, catching the rhythm of a blowjob, when a member entered into a beautiful mouth.
The hostess of this mouth understood my movements in its own way and began to immerse my trunk deeply.
It seemed to me that he rubs the palate, passes into the throat, and the seductress’s lips are compressed on the basis of the penis.
This was probably the case – the average size of my dignity did not allow experienced lips to take it completely.
However, my sexual experience suggested that whenever I tried to get such actions from women, they usually either could not cope with breathing, or were squeamish to dive into the throat of the penis, were crushed, and as a result, they would end up with something like that.
I tensed and expected to hear familiar sounds.
However, it was not there.
The member entered the throat rhythmically and to the full depth.
I gave it forward, no longer fearing for a partner.
My frictions became more and more energetic, but did not cause negative results.
And for the first time in my life I understood what it means to have a woman in my mouth for real.
Emotions overwhelmed me, excitement grew.
The woman wrapped her palms around my hips, adjusting the rhythm a little, and it seemed to me that you could easily end up, bringing yourself to orgasm like this, orally.
During the game, however, I was distracted and still tried to guess who was standing in front of me on the wheels.

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Aunt Veronica? Well, no – it is unlikely.
Yes, I learned a lot of new and interesting things about Veronica’s morals that night.
However, I was her close relative.
And, secondly, where is the guarantee that her behavior is based on sexual interest, and not on economic.
For the sake of a transaction for a round sum, it was possible to pretend to be a bisexual, as long as such party partners have come across.
But then go on incest in this case is not necessary.
Soon I realized: all the time while gentle hands were caressing and undressing me, my nose teased the scent of perfume.
Veronica, in spite of the fact that she was selling perfume, did not like perfume, and even in the car did not tolerate air fragrances.
“I prefer to smell the leather of the cabin, in a pinch, the faint smell of gasoline,” she said.
Well, gasoline, our car did not smell, not that class.
Therefore, after hesitating, I dismissed Veronica.
Who is Marie or Irene? Both looked at me like a cat on sour cream.
And both seemed to be bisexual.
Rather, all the same Irene, she seemed to me more direct and capable of such.
Distracted thoughts helped me cope with sexual arousal and delay orgasm.
But my pleasure suddenly ended.
In a fit of passion, I turned my head and saw Veronica kneeling in front of me in a side mirror.
Her eyes met mine and the blowjob ended.
There was laughter from behind.
It turns out both Frenchwomen all this time stood in front of the doorway, kissing and rubbing each other’s crotch fingers.
I clicked the switch – Irene laughed loudly: “Who? Who did you think?”.
“I thought it was you, that is, you,” I answered her honestly, – “French perfume, similar to yours.”
“Haha, there are such men.
Change perfume and you can scare a woman. ”
“Mixed up,” corrected her Marie.
Veronica, still dressed, stood up, and also smiling, said: “We argued that you wouldn’t knock me until you see your face.
And Irene shared the spirits. ”
“Yes, I did not recognize:”, I admitted, – “but what did you argue about?”
“If she wins,” said Marie, “then we are not as guests, but she will be the queen of this evening.”
“What does the queen mean?” – I was surprised.

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“Well, the queen: set the tone, give commands that are obligatory for execution.”
“Are these rules?” – I was surprised again.
“No, this is such a game, because it is always more interesting if everyone plays their own role, and someone leads the game,” Marie explained to me as a little.
Yes, it was probably more interesting.
But what kind of experience is needed to know the subject so deeply! And Veronica, meanwhile, entered the role.
“Boys, girls, today we have a French day – so while sex is only oral. Live sex cam online.

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