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And he, looking at the screen, with a vengeance tormented her vagina.
Time account was lost, but now Olga howled like a fighter at the peak and fell helplessly belly on the bed.
Sasha finished in the already “half-dead” body of his wife.

“God, it’s good that the children are with the grandmother,” Olga said, after a while.
“Yes, your cries would obviously have interested them,” the husband replied.
“I’ll go to the bathroom,” said Olga, and, flashing a bare ass, left the bedroom.
Processing by the husband lasted for quite a long time, and I omit this period in my narrative.
I can only say that various techniques and methods were used.
The corresponding magazines began to appear in the apartment, more precisely in the bedrooms, and this place is sacred and forbidden for 11-year-old Yurik and 9-year-old Svetochka.
Olga woke up in the morning from the work of a video recorder, on which, switching on from the timer, there was a film from the life of swingers.
The computer began to overflow with collections of photos of MMZH, MMZHZh and

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frank group sex.
Entering the ladies’ websites and pages, Olga was surprised to find pop-up windows of swing sites with revelations of women, couples and the same photos.
But the most convincing methods were Sasha’s antics in bed: he, knowing the features of his wife, brought her to a pre-orgasmic state, then took out his penis and brought it to his beloved’s mouth.
Olga, thinking that everything is ahead, caressed a member, and take a husband and finish in the mouth or on the face or in your favorite way between boobs.
And he said: “And if we were two, he would continue to caress you” and the like.
In short, Olga gave up, and not because the husband won, but because the desire to exalt the mind.

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I will not bore the reader, as Olga did with me, with a story about looking for a partner, about Sasha’s sudden doubts, etc.
and so forth
In general, Marat appeared: There were watches, meetings and negotiations.
And this June afternoon, Olga, taking a bath, sat in her negligee and combed her hair.
Sasha ran around the apartment, preparing towels and bathrobes, wine and snacks, condoms and tapes.
In the morning, as instituted and completely exhausted.
Olga, on the contrary, was calm.
Having combed her hair and putting on light makeup, Olga took off her peignoir and began to put on her underwear.
Sasha gazed at his wife, of course it was no longer the same figure that in his youth, but a slightly overweight body attracted his gaze.
Sasha noted to himself his wife’s trimmed pubis, lacy panties.
Olga bra did not wear.
Having squeezed perfume on herself, Olga got into a theatrical pose and deliberately acted in an actor’s voice, “Sir, I’m ready!”.
Sasha pulled his wife to him and dug a kiss into the nipple of the breast, his cock was already protruding from the bottoms.
“Wait, wait: where are you in a hurry, and Maratik?” – Olga stopped him.
“Here, already and Maratik” – Sasha pulled his wife.
“Maratik, Maratik” – Olga awoke him.
Their squabble stopped the doorbell.
Sasha glanced briefly at the clock: “God, the third hour of the night: And we seemed to be crazy, tireless.”
Olya at this time rhythmically sucked a member of Marat.
Sasha, removing his penis from his wife’s vagina, came in from the side and brought his instrument to Olga’s mouth.
She threw a finger over her husband’s cock and now has two heads in her mouth.
Marat groaned and began to cum Olga.
The sperm was no longer the same as in the first hours of the meeting, not so viscous and white, and the portion is smaller.
Marat came on time, with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne.
He looked good in a white denim suit.
We went into the living room, kept the decency, drank champagne, talked.
Olga and Marat drank on brotherhood and merged into a kiss.
Marat, gently holding Olya by the neck, kissed her, deeply squeezing her tongue and intertwining with the language of the woman.
His hand stroked Olya’s head and slowly slipped below, under her negligee she found a naked breast and pressed her nipple.
Olga groaned with embarrassment, temptation and sweet bliss at the same time.
Olga really felt a certain tenderness for this young man, she liked him right away, for her modesty and an eager desire for sex, but without vulgarity and vulgarity. Masturbation mature webcam.

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