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What do you want from us? “We would like to copy all the recordings from your computers,” I said angrily, I had never seen the crying Lizonka, “ethical principles do not allow you to do this without your consent, although we do have the technical possibilities of copying.”
We have already seen some records of the archive database.
We will provide the most up-to-date technology to your group to continue research, yours are already outdated.

– What could be the problem! – Leila smiled, – we did not record all this for ourselves, but for science.
If scientists remain in the galaxy, let them study our history.
Lizonka, and the truth of our legends say that fluffies are incredibly sexy, and at the same time not at all jealous? The woman looked at me quite flirtatiously.
Little laughter laughed.
– They tell the pure truth about sexuality, jealousy is not quite.
If Mark will change me with a woman fluffy, then I will gnaw him! – The girl showed incredibly sharp teeth, fluffies from predators occurred.
– But my primitive instincts do not apply to aliens, I’m not jealous of them.
Leilochka, you are unlucky, it will not be possible to seduce Mark today.
An hour ago, I gave all my sexuality to a kid.
He will depart from it for about a day.
But if you really want, then we are ready to show you our feelings.
Take us by the hands and do not twitch! Just keep in mind that I have two vaginas, and you have only one! Angry Lisa gave the woman a complete record of her feelings, Leila lost consciousness.
“Guys, you are great, the first contact was excellent,” Anyuta appeared calmly, “it’s okay, women rarely die of pleasure, they will soon come to their senses.”
At the same time, show the technical achievements of the Galaxy, imperial spaceships are breaking through space, they must have a mass of millions of tons for this, and our flying plates are tiny.

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Leila woke up when the Earth turned into a disk with distinct outlines of continents.
– Where are you taking me? And what you have done with me, now I can only be comforted with Mark sexually! – Do not worry, in hyperspace we are not able to dive far into the Earth, the temperature in the depth is too high, so you have to go into Space to return to the base.
And there are millions of such Markovs in the Galaxy, I was lucky with one, I hope you will be lucky too! And no luck, so I’m not always jealous.
I can also report that the Earth is also a reserve for us, but you now have all the rights and possibilities of a humanoid citizen of the Galaxy.
Even large, you can leave the Earth and return to it.
For the rest of the Galaktyans, the Temporal barrier of the Reserve is closed.
– Guys, psychologically and genetically, I am the most ordinary earthly woman.
My education is just not quite normal.
The empire did not like to spend much on science.
The first wave of imperial scientists caught earthly babies, educated them in their own image and likeness and died out naturally.
Scientists of terrestrial origin were forced to subdue the surrounding tribes, they had to eat

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? They introduced themselves as priests.
State germ inevitably formed.
An experiment to study the emergence of civilization was not too clean, even distant tribes of some of our knowledge passed on.
“This is wonderful, we will be able to study the emergence of civilization with a weak extraneous impact,” Lot’s admired on the Net, “and Leila can also give birth to a baby, let’s play feedback with her?”
“Tray, you are a sexy maniac, you will get mad at feedbacks soon.
About me at least a little thought.
The young man will soon have three tadpoles from you, two twins from Tanya, two robotic women we have pledged to raise, three whelps will hatch.
In two days, through your efforts, I became a father with many children.
Leave me alone, we are engaged in diplomatic negotiations! ”
– Leyla, do not be afraid, now we are at the normal speed for an interstellar on the Earth’s Galactic base.
Push me! Instantly we were in the flowered garden of the castle.
Leila looked around dumbfounded: “This is the famous palace of Jackie Mason!” None of the journalists saw him inside.
– The lease conditions of the island prohibit the transfer of any images to the press.
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