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It was larger than Ira, about 18 centimeters long and nearly five thick.
On the head was visible grease, glittering in the light.
Vick beckoned girlfriend finger.

She slowly approached, fascinated looking at a member.
The girl’s hand took her head and gently directed her to the tension rod.
It was perfectly smooth, gentle, but firm, and from it went the intoxicating aroma.
The smell of passion, sex and lust.
Ira lips opened her head and she herself planted on the penis.
Sweet juice mixed with saliva, forming an intoxicating cocktail.
The lip ring first fell down to the middle, then slowly swam up, sucking on this amazing candy, and the tongue basked on the big and hot head.
Ira completely gave herself to this feeling, slowly and with taste she relished the member.

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Only languid moo came from her.
Enjoying Vika’s blow job, she lay back.
Her eyes fall on the hips of her friend, who was standing on all fours above her.
Running her hand over them, she reached into her panties, slipped her hand under them, found the segment of her friend.
He was like a stone, tense and oozing grease.
Taking a bit, she raised her fingers to Ira’s face, for a moment she pulled away from her occupation, greedily took her fingers in her mouth, licked all the juice from them at once, dabbed her lips and swallowed her cock again, trying to take it as deep as possible.
But she clearly lacked practice, and the dick came only a little further than the middle in her little mouth.
Meanwhile, Vika’s hand had already fumbled her girlfriend’s well-oiled ass and two fingers were thrust into her warm depths.

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The soft sphincter was clearly designed, but it seemed to take only small toys, and the third finger entered with obvious reluctance.
Vika felt the warmth, the dampness and the suppleness of the maiden’s hole.
Bending her fingers, she began to caress the prostate.
The sphincter shrank.
It is not a joke that stirred up a young tranny, and a new portion of fragrant, sweet lubricant poured into Ira’s mouth.
She screamed, whether from a new portion of pleasure that splashed into her mouth, or from the fact that Vicki’s fingers got up in her ass.
And Vika entered into a rage, she had already moved to be closer to the charms of her friend, pulled off her panties to her knees, and was wielding with two hands.
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