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This turned out to be the last push, I was thrown on my back, and I, catching a member with my fingers, brought it in myself.
I lay under my husband, moaning at those moments when it was required – with particularly strong shocks, stroking the feet of her husband’s hips and correctly depicting passion.
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My talents are much higher, until no man doubted what gives me the greatest, on the verge of ecstasy pleasure.
Looking at the chandelier and convincingly arching under my husband, I began to remember today.
In the morning I had to go to the chief to take time off for half a day.
I already knew what I had to do, but there was nowhere to go.
His head swept over my figure, oily, and he rose from his chair to come close: – Of course, Elena Fedorovna, I will let you go, but in the beginning.
He turned me on impetuously and pressed his back to him.
His hand immediately climbed into the neckline of my strict blouse and of course felt for a nipple.
I sighed violently, showing gratitude to the man, and looked at myself in the huge floor mirror left over from the bank that previously occupied our office.
In front of me appeared a luxurious brunette with crazy eyes framed by long eyelashes, with a small sensual mouth and black elegant eyebrows arc.
She was dressed in a narrow skirt, slightly opening her knees, and a white blouse, in the upper undone buttons of which neatly arranged hemispheres were visible.
In the reflection were visible and slender legs on a 10-centimeter heels, and a little – elastic ass, which the mirror brunette pressed against the man’s groin.

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Well, and high chest, which squeezed the head, running his hand in the neckline.
My boss is just sweetheart.
All women are in love with him – an impressive 49-year-old man, tall, large with a noble gray hair at the temples and a strong-willed chin.
But only fucks me, he has principles, you see.
Well, what about me? What am I.
The man did not stand up when I first came to ask for a raise.
I didn’t have to do anything.
She flashed her knees, patted her eyes, hung over the table with a deep neckline.
As a result, I was decomposed on this table, as a result of which my salary increased by one and a half times.
It is good that the money is given out to us in envelopes, otherwise many would be surprised.
Well, and sometimes I have to work out the difference either on the table, now in the chair, then, as now, in front of the mirror.
Lost in thought, I almost missed the moment when the boss put my tight skirt high on my hips, and his hand penetrated my panties.
With a slight delay, I am sure that an

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imperceptible man in such a state, I groaned languidly and spread my knees so that the boss would be more comfortable to penetrate into my fingers.
“I see, you are quite ready, Lenochka,” he muttered hoarsely, caressing me between the thighs.
As it should be, I, too, with hoarseness and aspiration, answered: – You are such a man, Roman Sanych! Who can resist you! And put her hands on the edges of the frame.
Bending over, she raised her ass, showing the man and her perfect shape and elasticity of the buttocks and panties.
Knowing that I had to visit the boss, I put on stockings and tiny panties from three laces on the ass and a triangle, which does not even cover the external labia and barely covers the crack itself.
Having achieved a noisy sigh, I ended up with these very panties pulled down to the middle of my thighs, and then with the span of the member that had been driven into me.
– Roman Sanych! – I cried, as if in ecstasy, throwing back the wave of his thick hair.
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