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Yesterday we fell through them, walking from car to house.
And now we need at least a little to clear the snow, if we are going to do physical exercise.
I go out with a shovel in my hands.

I lay a path to the middle of the yard, and then I throw snow to the sides.
Here will be our playground – just for two in size.
I clean the bench, which stands nearby.
All business is over.
I leave my boots in the hallway, change my shoes in sneakers and walk into the room.
Lena, of course, still basks under the covers.
Oh, these women always have to wait.
I went over, leaned over to her and kissed me on the cheek: My dear, get up.
I’m ready now.
Now let’s go! She jumps out of bed and takes a few steps around the room.
Leans towards the bag, pushed into the corner, and takes out something bright red.
Yeah, it’s a swimsuit.
After a minute, you can already see: the “four triangles” style, dimensions that are smaller, probably, do not happen.
She notices my gaze, climbs on her toes, then sinks back and begins to move her hips.
Well, how pretty? Charm !.
Come on, get dressed.
What for? I’m already dressed for charging.
Have you changed your mind? Will you do your gymnastics in the room? She looks at me and laughs: I told you – on the street.
Now go! Slightly stunned, I catch up with her in the hallway.
The door opens, then another, and we find ourselves on the porch.
Bare feet quickly go down the stairs and enter the fresh snow.
That is courage! Lena runs to the site, which I cleared, then turns around, looking at me with a triumphant look: And you did not believe.

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I still do not believe my eyes.
I admire your body.
Are you not cold? Vitenka, I’m used to it! Lena bounces several times on the spot, and then, stretching her arms forward, flaps her legs – now with the right, then with the left.
Snowflakes, raised from the surface, fly in my direction.
I slowly begin to charge, standing nearby and not taking her eyes off her.
The graceful figure in a red bathing suit on a background of snow is something! I wonder if she knows how seductively she looks? Stopping, she says: Now come on together.
Like dancing.
Synchronously? Yeah.
Do like me! She leans twice in one direction, then in the other.
One two three four! I barely keep up with her.
Without a word, she switches to other movements.
Quickly strides forward and back, shaking at the same time hips.
I repeat all the same in a mirror image, trying to get into its rhythm.
Stop! Now the rotation of the trunk.
one way.
to another.
Wow, what flexibility! I keep pace, but I move with a smaller scale.
Because I’ll lose my balance.
Stop for a couple of seconds, now running on the spot.
A minute later the finish.
She crouches, me too –

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again and again.
I start counting: four, five, six.
Muscles are already hurting, but to her at least that.
I lose count, and then she freezes, stretching her arms to the sky.
I stand, looking at her and trying to calm my breath.
Lena comes up to me: Well, how hot are you? Uff.
Yes of course.
That’s me too.
Nothing, now cool.
She unzips the zipper on my tracksuit.
A minute later, the jacket is already on the bench, and again we are facing each other.
Lena again stretches her arms towards me and lifts up her T-shirt: Take off, take off.
So erotic.
Not yet you admire.
Cold air touches the body.
Feelings are quite sharp and at the same time pleasant.
It is a little exciting.
I look at my girlfriend again and ask: Didn’t your feet get cold? Barefoot in the snow – already ten minutes.
You can touch it.
She crouches and goes down on all fours. Paid webcam sex.

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