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Passiekoppel s bio and free webcam.
Had to lose another half hour.
Finally, having paid off, I pushed my cart to the exit and drove it to my car.
Through the continued falling flakes of snow, I noticed some strange movement near it.

Looking closely, I saw two people sitting in it, and the glass in the front door near the steering wheel was broken.
Bogging in the snow, I rushed to the car.

They saw me, the doors swung open on both sides, and the intruders rushed in different directions.
For a moment I was confused, not knowing which of them should be pursued and whether it was necessary to do it at all, but then one of them faltered and sprawled out in the snow in full growth.
With a few jumps, I caught up with him, poked my face into the snow a couple of times and turned him onto my back.
Wow! A charming blonde looked at me with wide eyes.
Lightly smeared with snow make-up and disheveled hair did not in the least spoil her angelic face, full sensual lips and small elegant nose.
While I came to my senses, the girl suddenly jumped and slipped out of my hands.

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In the fall, I managed to grab her by the foot, and she collapsed into the snow again, lifting many snowflakes sparkling in the light of the lanterns.
It’s good that no one noticed us yet: I put my car away from the exit from the supermarket, and we were surrounded by other people’s cars.
– What, babe, decided to rob the car, while nobody is there? – I murmured angrily, lifting her to her feet and, for clarity, slightly knocking on the door of a nearby car.
It was clearly not worth doing: the alarm went off, and the air was filled with disgusting howling sounds, and the thief shook her head happily, hoping for help.
But it was not there.
Opening the door of his car, I pushed it there and locked it with a key.
Then, driven by the incessant wailing of the alarm, he quickly threw all the purchases into the trunk and got behind the wheel.
Passiekoppel s bio and free webcam.

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