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As if it was not she who was watching such an intimate process.
What are you doing now slave? Ma’am, I masturbate.
What is it for? I am a slave and if my mistress pleases.

You did not understand me, I asked, how did it even occur to you to do this in front of me? But, madam, you ordered me! I could not order this.
Now, even though Alexey was confused, he realized that the lady wanted, thus, on this innocent example of female impermanence, to show his power over him.
Oh, yes, Your Grace, of course, no, I beg you, forgive your serf.
You are completely dissolved! I am your slave and only yours, I dreamed about it and I begged you to allow it.
Relax Alex, I was joking.
And how do you like your crazy mistress? – Victoria had fun from the heart, watching as a slave trying to adapt to her whims.
Sweat flowed down his face, which he could not even wipe, it was already terrible for him to ask the lady about it.
You are lovely! You just misbehave! I’m happy! When the meeting came to an end, he felt an extraordinary comfort and emotional balance.
It was an unusual feeling.
In his submission he no longer saw the humiliation; on the contrary, he was elevated.
He wanted to do something, write poetry, sing, perform feats.
For her sake! Just for her haughty look.
Only to see her eyes again and again, to hear her imperative voice.

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Nothing made sense to him now.
Neither the money for which he was so eager, nor the work, nor his loneliness.
Only she! His Mistress! His Goddess! Why so? Surely he is abnormal? If he is abnormal, then why? And what can be considered normal? Or maybe normality is what you so much wanted for all these long years, and you didn’t even know about it.
Maybe this is normality, something that brings joy, that brings you into a state of soaring.
When all the problems are solved by themselves, when all the questions find their answer, and when there is she who conquered him, who commands them as a boy.
How many years did it take to find out? Entire life! Now everything will be different.
Now everything will be as she wants! That was his newfound freedom.
Before meeting with Victoria, Aleksey decided to test himself, and while flying to Florida, he visited the salon, where he chose a “madam” for himself.
In similar places, he often searched for available sex before he realized that the same could be found on the Internet on dating sites.
Under the guise of massage parlors, brothels worked, where customers were satisfied in full.
That’s just before he somehow did not come up with the idea to buy the services of Mrs.
He chose a black-haired girl in the catalog because she looked strict in the photo.
Explained what kind of action awaits.
He was “forced” by absolutely naked in one apnea to wash the bathroom with a tiny rag.
“Punish” for “bad” trying to kick in the back with a sharp heel, and “get” to check the cleanliness of the bath by licking the washed surface.
Everything went according to plan, but Megan,

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that was the name of the girl, was somewhat embarrassed, and the kick was uncertain, and therefore did not bring real humiliation.
Alexey all the time remembered that this is just a game that will stop immediately if he wants. Pink live sex chat.

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