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And she will appear before him in order to betray him.
She still had the choice to warn her husband, but for that she would have to pay with her daughters, and the woman loved them too much.
So much so that she was ready to betray not only her husband, but also her kingdom.

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The matter was complicated by the fact that the copyist did an extremely careless job.
Most likely, he was in a great hurry, so he constantly shortened the words of the original text.
However, he was still not too lazy to copy on a separate sheet a strange drawing in the form of a bowl with fire burning inside.
Something in him seemed vaguely familiar, but Flora still could not catch the necessary thought.
– Lily, you do not know what it is? – She said, drawing the picture.

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“It’s not clear, it looks like a jellyfish or a cuttlefish,” Liliana suggested, turning the sheet upside down.
– Pfff, this is not a jellyfish! – Sylvia objected, also considering the drawing.
– This is a cauldron with a burning potion! – Why are you so decided? – surprised Flora.
– To me, it looks more like a bowl.
“This is definitely a cauldron, because the symbol of the witch Adena is drawn here,” Silvia said proudly.
Witches occupied a special position in the world of magic.
They possessed at once a number of unique abilities that were not available even to higher magicians.
For example, all existing at the moment magicians who had the gift of levitation, recited not more than a dozen.
While the witches were able to fly all the polls! But the most important thing was the way in which they attained such an unprecedented power: for this they needed to devour the flesh of people with appropriate abilities.

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It is clear that the wizards themselves from this were not at all delighted.
Attacking them was a very risky occupation: the magicians could still give a hard rebuff to those who wanted to eat their meat.
Therefore, the witches almost never acted like this: instead, they were looking for children with a hidden gift, which under normal circumstances would never have awakened due to the extremely insignificant amount of magical energy.
The kidnapped child was subjected to a dark ritual and eaten, and the witch received new power.
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