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Immediately, without any hesitation, she launched her hand into my swimming trunks (to be honest, I was amazed by this behavior).
Starting furiously masturbating my organ swollen by that moment, she managed to tickle my balls with her other hand.
And here came the picture of my dreams: she took my head into her mouth and, with slow movements of her head, began to endow my soul with joy.

A little later, she extracted the “sufferer” into the sunlight and ran it several times with her fast tongue, which caused tiny goosebumps to rush through my body.
Surprisingly, the various sucking dick, she did not forget about my testicles.
She managed to roll them from place to place, or tickle her long nails.
After ten minutes of continuous suction, I let my life-giving moisture into her mouth.
She decided to swallow everything, why I liked even more.
I lifted the swimming trunks, stood shaking off the stuck sand to the body, and my companion, by that time, having wiped her sponges, hurried off to the side of the hotel.
I did not see her again, but for a long time I recalled those sweet lips.

The first half of the next day passed somehow aimlessly.
I didn’t want to get up for a long time, hoping that my transformation was just a bad dream, and when I realized that it was a reality, I was gripped by a real blues.
I even did not want anything.
Igor tried to cheer me up, we went to a cafe for lunch, it distracted me a little.
I first wore women’s underwear: Igor guessed with the size, of the things that he brought, much was just to me. Sex and the city 2 watch online for free.

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