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Oooo: – she moaned and kissed me; there are no stuff, dryuchek – a simple kiss, but with all my heart.
For a few minutes we just looked into each other’s eyes, then she kissed me again.
This time everything was much cooler, our tongues intertwined like two snakes.

I have not yet come to my senses and handed her the whole initiative.
She would not let me go for about ten minutes, lightly stroking my chest while kissing.
Finally, we broke away from each other, and Donna began to slowly cheat me.
And I took her boobs, soft, elastic and completely natural to the touch.
A few minutes later, I, too, put my hand on her dick, hot and hard.
We spent almost an hour in mutual caresses.
I kissed her tits, then went down below, licked her tummy, and then licked her swollen stick.
Wide-open mouth, I began to carefully swallow the hot tool.
I was in no hurry, it was not easy not to choke when a huge dick plunged into my mouth.
But I absolutely did not think about it.
I terribly liked to feel like a member gently rests against my throat, as if massaging it.
Gradually, I began to suck faster, he became more and more excited.
Donna podmahivat me, and now her breathing became faster, her body tensed.
Suddenly, she pulled a member out of my mouth, and a strong jet of sperm spattered her entire breast, I began to jerk her, giving out more and more new portions.
When Donna’s eggs were completely emptied, I again wrapped my head around my lips.
Donna, still not moving away from her orgasm, allowed me to continue, and soon she was ready to let go again.
This time she finished in my mouth.
I swallowed everything without a trace, her sperm tasted gorgeous.
Finally, she relaxed, I huddled to her, and lick her sperm-stained sis.
“You’re just lovely,” Donna whispered in my ear, nibbling on the lobe.
“Thank you,” I said.
“I never thought that I could have such an interesting job.”

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– Speaking of work, I think that today is enough work.
Let’s better go to me, she said.
– To your home? – I asked, not believing my own ears.
“Yeah, I live with a friend who will probably be glad to meet you,” Donna smiled broadly.
– So go ahead, get ready.
I said that I was delighted with her idea, but I need to return to work at the store.
“No question,” said Donna, dressing, “I will call Jessie and tell you that you helped me throw some junk home and come to work later.”
I think she will understand.
– If you are sure of this, that we can do that, so naturally we went to you.
I’m terribly happy about it! Feelings overwhelmed me.
Never fell so much on me in one day.
I quickly got dressed and decided to go with Donna, it would be foolish to refuse such a proposal after all that has already happened today

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We drove home to her on a Porsche 944 – my boss’s car, as it turned out later – which made me nervous.
“Jesse, often letting me use my things,” Donna explained.
– She is generally a very good person.
– Yes, – I agreed, – By the way, as I understand it, we have already arrived? We parked in front of the house, looking quite impressive outside.
– Right, this is my castle.
We got out of the car and climbed into her apartment.
“Nice place,” I said, not knowing what else to add here.
– Probably, let me show you everything here.
She arranged for me to travel around her apartment, nothing special, but still, much cooler than my apartment.
“And here is the bedroom, if you didn’t guess,” she said at the end of our tour.
With these words, she stroked herself between her legs, which is why I immediately got up.
Donna hugged me, and a few seconds later we were in bed.
“I’ll take care of you now,” she insisted.
Without any hesitation, Donna pulled off my jeans and began to jerk off my standpipe.
Soon we both undressed, and she, having climbed on me, planted my ass on her massive member, sealing my mouth with a kiss.
I stroked her unusually feminine body.
She pumped me with all her strength, almost smearing on the bed.
Finally, she finished.
We were both quite tired, for a while we simply lay without even looking at each other.
Soon Donna began to show signs of life.
“So what are we going to do now?” – She asked.
I did not quite understand her question, but her actions were more than eloquent.
As an appetizer, Donna stroked my nipples and then began to gently massage my cock.
And soon he was sticking out in all its glory.
Then she stood over me wide legs apart, and put my dick to her point.
And then slowly sat on it.
I started to fuck her, wriggling with pleasure, feeling the hot walls of the intestine.
She then squeezed the muscles of the anus, then relax them. Sex and the city tv show watch online.

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