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Mathieu barely managed to turn his head to see the double-folded belt whistling down on his bare hemispheres.
There was a ringing clap from the contact of polished skin with the boy’s naked body.
For the first second, Mathieu did not feel the pain, but then she came and made him jerk forward, so he almost hit his head on the back of the sofa.

For the first burning blow without a break was followed by the second – a little lower, closer to the base of the legs – then the third, fourth, so often that the guy did not have time to catch his breath.
The father without stopping backhand lashed at his son’s twitching and bouncing ass, not giving him a single moment of respite.
Kat, leaning forward with interest, watched how white stripes from the belt appeared on the smooth naked buttocks of her young friend, immediately filling with a thick crimson color.
Louis Grenier was neither overly harsh, nor even more cruel a man.
Usually he stopped flogging almost immediately, as soon as the son admitted his guilt and began to ask for forgiveness.
Perhaps he would have acted now too, but the stubborn silence of the matured Mathieu, mistakenly interpreted as a reluctance to repent of his misdeed, angered him more and more, so that in the end he decided to fulfill his promise to ask the stubborn boy of life.
Unaccustomed in the past year and a half from corporal punishment, Mathieu found that a belt falling on his bare ass causes much more pain than he had expected.
Every time the instrument of punishment bit into his very sensitive halves, the young man had to bite his knuckles painfully so as not to let the cry out.

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Perhaps only the presence of Kat kept him from begging his father to stop punishment.
Finally, when the boy’s naked buttocks covered at least twenty crimson, quickly darkening scars, the elder Grenier threw the belt on a chair and, breathing heavily, went out onto the porch.
Mathieu, however, prudently remained lying on the sofa, believing that an attempt to rise without permission could provoke an angry parent to a dozen additional blows.
The young man gently felt his flaming ass, at the same time, watching his father out of the corner of his eye.
His worst fears were confirmed when the breath-taking Monsieur Louis resolutely went to the chair on which he left the belt, leaving the front door wide open.
So the father acted only a couple of times before, when the offenses of little Mathieu were especially “terrible” and the guilty could not count on indulgence: as an additional punishment, the sounds of flogging and yelling boys were well heard on the street, and a curious passer-by could see through the doorway if they wanted to opening some of the details of the execution.
“Well, at least you can not count on the accompaniment on my part now,” thought the young man gloomily, again bumping his face in folded hands and getting ready to stoically endure the whipping.
Monsieur Grenier no longer in a hurry.
Going to the couch, he briefly examined the results of his work on his son’s buttocks and

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came to the conclusion that a fifteen-year-old boy could well endure several dozen more blows without damage to his health.
In one motion, he lifted his shirt over the teenager’s shoulders, thus expanding his target.
Now Mathieu’s slender body was completely naked from the shoulder blades to the ankles.
Spanking resumed with new energy.
Now the father of a naked son, without haste and carefully choosing a goal.
The belt fell down on the young man’s naked body, fading away in anticipation, at regular intervals, leaving its reddening marks not only on the torn hemispheres of the backside, but also on the thighs, calves and lower back of the teenager. Sex games online interactive.

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