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But, by inertia, I wrote that she was sexy and charming and a few more phrases in favor of her ability to put words together.
Her interest in me has increased and we somehow easily found a common language.
She lives in a distant Siberian city, married to a man much older than her, although she herself is still a young girl, both in her soul and in years.

She had the experience of communicating with her peers. Of course, she was even very briefly married to one

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of them, but, as often happens, her interest in adult men outweighed romanticism.
A cozy home, wealth, a sense of security, confidence in the future – all this is worthy of a young seductress becoming the adornment of everyday life for a middle-aged man.
But, there was something in it that immediately attracted me.
This is unrealized passion.
She was a cat in the shower, a real female.
We frankly corresponded, and with each of her sentences I felt in her a desire to show animal passion, which was lacking in everyday life.
She felt embarrassed to open herself, her husband could not succeed in satisfying all her desires.
Very soon, she wrote to me that she would be ready to surrender to me – an unfamiliar man immediately and unconditionally.
That she is ready, being alone, to pull off her jeans and panties, left in her blouse unbuttoned, come up and squeeze into me with my whole body, substituting my oozing pussy with my hands.
That she is ready to surrender anywhere – in the hotel room, in the office, in the stairwell.
Get down on my knees in front of me and greedily caress my dick.
Reach into the office desk with his hands, sticking out his delicious ass and wait with obedience and beg me to fuck her.
Sit with me in a taxi in the backseat and make me caress her breasts, making her way under the jacket, caress her excited pussy, making her way under the skirt and pulling off her panties, and then get out disheveled, not straightening her underwear, to feel that it was only available as real slut.

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She, sitting at work, was absorbed in this state of arousal, and she liked it.
She sucked my words so passionately, as if it was my dick.
I read all this and imagined that in reality this is a very modest girl in life, who does not give her own phone to anyone except relatives.
Who is shy in a conversation with her husband a word uttered with a touch of vulgarity.
, if not the distance.
I had to do something about it.
And somehow I flashed a crazy little thought.
I am not a greedy person, why should I be a dog in the hay? And I myself will not eat, and others are ignorant.
In my sentences, I began to hint that it would be damn pleasant for me to hear from her a story about how she got pleasure and allowed herself to be with a man who, unlike me, can touch her, can fuck her present.
Even in family life it excites me, and here – to dispose of the girl at a distance – I even began to get excited from these thoughts.
And with more perseverance, I began to talk with her that any man who beside her would fuck her with pleasure, feeling in her slut that she should only hold an eyebrow and the male she liked with pleasure turn her lustful kitty, delivering her unforgettable minutes of bliss.
We played with her.
I forced her to go to the toilet and return to the workplace without underwear, to come to work without panties at all, and surprisingly her husband answered that something had rubbed her, and such an “omission” was for prevention.
She sent me her photos, where she caressed herself with her fingers, pushing her lips apart, where she inserted her finger into her ass, where she caressed her nipples, – almost every phone has a camera.
She became obedient and she liked it.
Once she went to the store in a fairly short skirt, no panties, high-heeled boots.
I persuaded her to seize the moment so that she and some man would be between the shelves and pretend that she was interested in something on the lower shelves.
Do not sit down and bend over, substituting the opportunity for a casual observer to look at her pussy.
She wrote to me avidly.
She wrote that when she went to the store and chose the eyes of the lucky one, she almost finished.
Lubrication dripped down the inside of her thigh and she felt it.
She chose a man who was almost ready to surrender.
She was ashamed and not bent over so deep that he could see her pussy, but enough to make his eyes widen.
The next time I asked her to ask such an accidental lucky person something, like: “have you tried this fish?” Or something like that.
At that time it turned out to be a young guy of about twenty – a bit younger than her. Sex live girls chats.

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