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She leaned forward slightly slipping along my trunk, moaning a little.
Feeling heavy, I ran my hands into her slightly curly, dryish hair from dried varnish and fell into her throat.
I fucked her quickly and rudely – my dick demanded relaxation, and she was the means by which I could achieve this.

At the moments when I felt that she was beginning to suffocate, I let her take a breath – pressed her face to the sweaty scrotum.
As soon as her tongue began to examine my balls, she again inserted the trunk to her throat.
– Yummy? I asked when I felt that there was very little left to the end.
She looked at me from under her long eyelashes.
org) Her manhole said yes.
I pulled out a member, slapped her on the cheek, leaving a wet spot of saliva.
– Now it will be even tastier.
She readily opened her mouth.
I slightly raised myself, took aim, and brought myself to hand.
A portion of fresh morning sperm splashed on her lips and tongue.
I finished and finished she blissfully purred, rolling her eyes.
When I finished – she licked her lips, helped herself with her palm – scraped the drops from her cheek and sent it into her mouth.
“We have to go,” she said.
– today is the first macaw.
Today I give a test at the seminar.
“Good,” I said to my teacher.
– but you forgot something.

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She looked at the frozen white drop on the head and reached for the penis.
Lera lay with her legs wide apart and was in seventh heaven.
Cock in a well-moistened pussy, moved with a smacking, reaching up to the uterus.
Relaxed, she imagined their family life together.
And how many children will we have? Probably two, a girl and a boy.
Sergey continued to swing at the girl, trying to penetrate her womb as deeply as possible.
His huge eggs still slapped on the pope, pronouncing the words: “On you whore! On you whore !.
Sergey could not finish.
He was more seduced by the dense vaginas of virgins that were moistened with blood rather than a pelvis in their own juice.
Angry, he hissed: “Move your legs,” and then almost escaped: “Shalava.”
Lera resigned, and tightly squeezed friend inside.
So much so that his skin was not moving, and the head is hiding in it, then smacking

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the uterus.
She wanted a member stuck in it forever, and poured out his seed.
For the past month they have been having sex, and he never finished it.
No more recalled n! Ro wedding, did not give her flowers, but instead of compliments some reproaches.
He was afraid to get into the network, accidentally overheard the conversation and the advice of a friend.
Lerka, yes, you give him a good one to finish in you, and then he won’t turn away.
Say that pregnant.
Once again, Sergei felt a pleasant shiver run through his body, something twitched in the crotch, and a member of his shot.
Sperm with the speed of sound rushed at will.
And when she was approaching the head, an experienced macho, tore out the apple from the grip, sending it to the pubis.
With the words: “Well done! Masterful!” he put off the rest of the spicy liquid.
– Are you durra? Let go! He commanded.
Lera clutched like a cat in his buttocks and continued to hold — I still want, I did not finish.
She said quietly.
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