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She was so round, white and appetizing.
With the elastic halves slightly apart.
A member of Denis jumped as if on a spring.

He took the head with his fingers and began to masturbate.
The orgasm was not long in coming, and Denis shot hot streams at Alina’s coveted ass.
She woke up, turned to Denis and looked at him with a sleepy look in surprise.
Then she ran her hand over her ass.
Having understood the essence of what happened, he said: “Well, that’s good.
Well, fine.
And now – bainki.
And then she fell asleep again.
Denis, satisfied at least somehow, fell asleep after him.
In the morning Denis was awakened by very pleasant feelings.
Alina’s hot lips covered his groin with kisses and already closed on the head of his penis.
Denis closed his eyes again and gave himself up to pleasure.
Alina moved her lips up and down, and her rough tongue tickled the opening of the urethra.
From this, all the muscles of Denis seemed to cause electric shock.
Five minutes later, an orgasm took possession of Denis’s body, bringing convulsive convulsions with him.
Alina broke away from the head, helping now with her hand orgasm.
A sperm fountain hit up and sprayed Denis’s belly.
Sweet torture was over.
Denis exhaled in satisfaction.
– Liked? – Alina asked.
“It was wonderful,” said pleased Denis.

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– Now it’s your turn to work, baby.
Alina thumped on her back next to Denis and lifted her nightgown.
Her penis with an already wet head towered in alertness.
Denis went down to her stomach.
Covering him with kisses, he moved lower to the groin.
Alina purred voluptuously.
Denis kissed and licked her smooth pubis without a single hair, scrotum, crotch.
Alina pulled her legs to her chest.
– Lick ass.
Denis with pleasure began to drill the brown ring with his tongue.
He struggled to push his tongue further through the barrier, and it almost succeeded.
The tip of the tongue has already passed the sphincter ring.
Alina buried her hands in the hair of Denis and was pretty moaning.
Elastic hole pleasantly squeezed the tongue.
In the end, Alina took up her penis and immediately finished, pouring herself with sperm.
At the same time, the sphincter contracted strongly, squeezing Denis’s tongue, and then pushed it out.
The little ring was compressed and unclenched to the beat of the jets, beating from the penis, and Alina’s moans.
Satisfied with each other, they lay for a while in an embrace.
Then there was a quick breakfast, almost on the go, and being late for work.
Let me

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remind you that Alina and Denis also worked together at the university.
Then there were several more routine working days and evenings with Alina, who did not get up from the computer, after sitting down who followed a shower and an instant dream at 12 o’clock.
On one of these evenings, Denis was lying on the bed, flipping the remote on the TV channels, and Alina habitually tapped her fingers on the keyboard.
She was wearing a short blue dress.
Apart from slippers, it was the only detail of the wardrobe.
Denis wearily looked at Alina, who was sitting on the armchair.
Through the bottom slit under the back of the chair, through the dress, the upper halves of Alina’s buttocks and the tailbone hollow were visible. Sex with strangers online.

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