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Soon a third is added to them, they easily enter me, each time adding a portion of lubricant.
I already understand that it will not do with fingers.

Well, it is necessary to begin sometime.
It was cold December days.
The end of the first half of the year was approaching, and my teaching practice in one of the schools of our city was coming to an end.
I will not describe my sufferings during this month and a half; I will only say that even at first, the eleventh-graders who seemed cute to me even became a little bit disgusting to me.
In addition to the approaching freedom, I was pleased that the end of the first half of the year promised to give me a chance of a little revenge on those juvenile assholes who did not give me a quiet life the whole practice.
So, it was the last day of delivery of debts and correction of semi-annual estimates.
For this day, I spoiled the blood of all those who didn’t take me seriously, took a couple of Magarychs and sent several half-crazy mothers who came to ask for their frostbitten children, in general, he worked fruitfully and was worn out.
I already sent the last students home and sat in the office finishing the magazine design, when we knocked on the office, looking up, I saw one of the students in the doorway of the class in which I was working.
– Hello Valery Konstantinovich – she said.
– Well, hello – I replied.
– What came from.
The girl whom I had seen only a couple of times before, and that briefly, went into the office and immediately began, making excuses to ask me not to give her a deuce in the first half of the year.
When I said it was too late, she began to urge me to enter her position and make an exception.
She said that she had problems in her family and that if she brought a two, she would be severely punished.
She spoke so convincingly and plaintively that I looked up from the magazine and looked at her, in order to assess whether she was lying.

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What I saw was quite amazing for me, a few centimeters from me stood a tall slim girl with stunningly expressive green eyes and neat facial features, her jet-black long hair fell on little shoulders and then on her chest, which was embossed in white knitted blouse, it was clear that she is the only thing that is between the body and this stunning hair.
This not too long jacket and strench jeans opened up my eyes to a perfectly flat stomach, on which there was a birthmark in the form of an asterisk or a snowflake.
Then my eyes went lower on her hips and legs, which perfectly complemented the whole picture.
I don’t know how long I looked at this picture, having come to my senses, I looked up and looked more closely into her eyes, they were barely noticeably wet, the lush, not made up lips shook slightly, waiting for my answer.
Thinking a little and deciding that she was not lying, I said – well, let’s see what we have here – and reached for the magazine.
– Last Name – I asked the girl.
– Olga Bobchinskaya – she answered timidly.
After seeing the magazine, I saw that she missed more than a third of her classes in the first half of the year, and she only had two deuces from her grades.
Showing her a magazine, I asked – well, and how do you propose to correct the situation? Olya said in a shaky voice that she would do everything I say, since she is ready for anything.
Her tone and words seemed strange to me, but I didn’t attach special importance to them automatically asked what she wanted to say by that, waiting for an answer to hear that she could answer my assessment.
Looking into her eyes, I saw a strange expression in them.
Quite unexpectedly for me, she raised her hands, first lying at the seams, and began to unbutton the buttons of her knitted sweater, I did not have time to come round, as all the buttons of the sweatshirt were unbuttoned and the floors were wide open.
My gaze appeared slightly covered with black hair, medium in size, but stunning shape with pink nipples slightly upturned upwards and elastic girlish breasts.
It seemed as if I was stuck, I did not expect such a development of events, I was sitting in a stupor for a minute and a half, staring at Olya.
The first thing I thought about when this ability returned to me was whether it was not waiting for her boyfriend with a camera, or even worse for the administration with the police.
But this thought quickly bumped into another one, that she was really going to work on the assessment of the front end, to take the risk and try to fuck such a girl, of course, I wanted to, but the risk was great even though there were

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many more people in the school evening, even if somebody comes I do not say hello. Sexy girl masturbates on cam.

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