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Yes, my good! – Zinaida’s cries turned into slurred moans.
There was a feeling that she had lost her mind control and communication with the outside world – love me, son!
Love your mom! Stronger.

Stronger! I love your dick.
Do not stop! Stronger.
Your mother! ”Zinaida suddenly stopped talking, convulsively twitched and squeezed her legs.
Her eyes rolled up and she slowly began to sink onto the sofa.
Alexander held her, pulling her hips over.
Zinaida almost hung on her son’s penis, convulsions ran through her body, and she wheezed something inarticulate.
Alexander leaned forward and made a few short thrusts with his hips.
Some scream broke from his throat, and he began to cum violently.
His sperm, spilling hot streams, and began to fill the bosom of the mother.
Then he tiredly sank to the floor, leaning on the sofa.
Zinaida lay down next to her and bent her head on Alexander’s hips.
She gently collected the last drops of her son’s seed, enjoying her spicy aroma.
And suddenly, in the silence of the room, a voice suddenly rang, so familiar and so unfamiliar: “I love you, mother.”
Youth curiosity is punishable.
The lack of parental care for maturing children leads to sad consequences.
That’s how he became a father, playing with a classmate in an adult in 16 years.
Two years later, they signed and by the beginning of the described events lived together for 16 years.
Part one (seduction).
His daughter was 16 years old and, like all modern children, she was not over the years physically developed, remaining between that teenage girl.
She had a tight appetizing ass, slender legs with rounded hips, a slim waist and a well-developed elastic chest of the second size.
For the first time, he began to caress his daughter as a woman when she was 11 years old.
Then he also helped her to take a bath, although the need for this has long since disappeared, but this has been the case since childhood.
When he first noticed his daughter’s beginning to swell breasts, the first hairs on his pubic hair, something turned upside down in his soul.

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From that day he began to see the future woman in his daughter.
Here then the first caress began.
Helping his daughter to wash, he casually spent a rough sponge on her pink nipples, and diligently soaped her body for a long time, and his fingers penetrated the most secret places.
As if by chance, pushing a little, beginning to overgrow the labia black lips, gently ran his finger over the small button of the clitoris, noticing with pleasure how his daughter was reacting to his touch.
In the first months, she giggled and laughed, saying that she was tickled by his touch.
Over time, chuckles, gradually disappeared, and her body more and more clearly reacted to his caress.
He noticed that in response to his touch his daughter closed her eyes and seemed to float on the waves, her body involuntarily trembled when he touched her clitoris, and he realized that a woman was waking up in her.
It is possible that the daughter would have experienced his first orgasm with him if it were not for his wife.
Alarmed by the fact that washing her daughter lasts longer and longer each time, she insisted that her daughter wash herself alone.
But she was late.
He woke a

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woman in her daughter, and it was already impossible to reverse this process.
There was some kind of incomprehensible connection between them.
They did not talk about anything with each other, but sometimes their views met, and they seemed to understand what remained unsaid.
In their home it was not customary to embarrass themselves by the secular rules of decency regarding clothing.
Everyone put on what was comfortable and convenient for him.
My daughter liked to wear a short flanged dressing gown at home.
As a rule (her mother taught her to do this), the dressing gown was dressed on a naked body so that the body could breathe.
And the father unnoticeably watched for hours the daughter’s delicious thighs, looking out from under the short hem of her robe, her breasts not burdened with bra, with pink delicate nipples every now and then, flashing in the neck of the same robe and so excitingly trembling during every movement.
When she was leaning over him to raise something, he was breathtaking of the picture opening in front of his eyes.
This lasted for more than a month and with each passing day his desire for his daughter grew more and more, and sometimes his eyes darkened at the burning desire to seize this young beautiful body.
Often he would catch his daughter’s gaze on himself and could swear that sometimes she purposely bent down in front of him, as if picking up something from the floor giving him the opportunity to see her slender legs, or filed something, bending over the table and then he could see a dressing gown is her gorgeous bosom. Sexy mom hidden cam.

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