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Ruslan, give me the money and I will go, ”I said.
The procedure for finding money took him about ten minutes.
In the end, I was handed the required amount in a crumpled form, but the other hand of Ruslan held me tightly by the forearm, not wanting to let go.

Do not hurt me, drink tea with me, – muttered Ruslan.
Realizing that I already had the money, I nodded to understand that I agree.
Ruslan said that he needs to take a shower, but for now I have to sit in the kitchen.
Wet jeans nasty stuck to his feet, socks, too, soaked through sneakers, only T-shirt was relatively dry.
The kitchen was typically small for a “Khrushchevka”.
On the windowsill – an ashtray and a pack of “Marlboro”.
While Ruslan was taking, judging by the cries, a contrast shower, I decided to smoke.
I lit a cigarette and leaned against the battery.
Heat poured down my legs.
The longer I pressed my feet to the battery, the more I wanted to quickly dried jeans.
I decided to remove them.
Spread out jeans so that the fabric is as close as possible to the area of ??the sections. South indian hidden camera sex.

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