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I rarely appeared at the university, only during the test week and session.
I must say that I was majorous since I was 18 years old.
My father earned good money, so by the age of 18 I had an expensive sports car.

We often hung out with friends in expensive clubs, hookah, girls.
It was all.
And probably because of this permissiveness and raspizdyayskoy life I finally lost interest in something serious.
In order to get a job normally, a diploma of higher education was necessary.
Only this made me go to study.
The specialty I chose was mostly boyish.
There were no girls in the correspondence group.

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Yes, and still I was.
I worked in the office with a friend.
They paid not very well, but there was a free Internet.
And I could quietly from the authorities burn traffic.
Somehow it became especially boring, and I decided to go to the city chat.
I was never attracted to stupid dating in the internet, so I went there with the idea of ??postebatsya.
Pin up stupid girls quickly bored, and they were ugly.
Once I was attracted by one photo, hanging in username visitor.
The girl was very sweet to her.
Mirror-turquoise big eyes, chestnut curls, falling in even strands on tanned bare shoulders, plump and neat lips, slightly spoiled restrained smile, the look of an evil kitty – not a girl, but a porcelain dear doll.
I could not restrain myself: Hi, doll, – I wrote in private.
What do you want? She asked.
I want to get acquainted with such a beauty, – I wrote routinely, since nothing else had occurred to me.
I have enough acquaintances without you, she said sternly.

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The doll was harmful.
Never before have I received a refusal.
And this naturally angered and offended me.
“Nothing,” I thought, “we’ll see more.”
A few days later, the pupa was tired to rest and spoke.
It turned out that she was a freshman.
We were mutually surprised when it turned out that we were studying at the same faculty.
With the difference in the department, of course.
She studied with peers on full-time.
So a few months have passed.
We didn’t see each other in the chat – I called out her phone number and periodically sent SMS to her.
Summer session was coming.
So, I had to attend uni more often.
Once a physics teacher put us on a pair with us, where a group was involved, in order for us to write some kind of test.
There were several people in the audience who were of little interest to me.
I was already completely focused on the task, when a girl in the company of several guys ran into the office, laughing loudly.
They were placed in front, throwing a displeased glance at us.
This look seemed familiar to me.
Without thinking twice, I took out my mobile and dialed the number of the same doll from the chat.
The anti-determinant did not specifically include.
And what was my surprise when, for a few desks in front of me, my cell phone buzzed.
The girl looked at the display in surprise and smiled and grunted.
I looked at her inquisitively.
She was facing me, and I could see her figure.
Not very tall, in black sandals with long ribbons-strings around slender long legs, in a short skirt with a fold, in a blouse with a deep neckline and open hangers.
Twisted curls of the same brown unpainted hair touchingly fell on the elastic chest of the pupa.
A long string of pearls hung on the neck, and the porcelain face was lit by the rays of the summer sun penetrating through the window.
She raised her turquoise eyes and looked at the last rows, which were located part-time.
I looked at her and smiled.
She smiled in response, realizing that I was the one who was familiar with the chat.
Started a couple.
The lecturer called the students from their group in turn to the blackboard.
Sonya, you have the eighth task, he said happily.
The pupa went to the blackboard.
Now I could appreciate and ass girls.
I must say that Sonya’s delight caused not only me.
A good half of the group stared after the doll. The sex shop online.

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