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Our room turned out to be adjacent – the exit from it lay through the passing room (the same room), in which Mikhalych was placed on the sofa, and Igor, Misha and Peter lay on the floor on another mattress (who they are and who are Aunt Lida so clearly and not understood), they were all in the area of ??twenty to thirty years.
Since everyone was pretty drunk, very soon their friendly snoring was heard.
But I could not sleep.

I was in shorts, and Masha took off her underwear and lay in one of my T-shirt.
I slowly crawled under her t-shirt, as the mood after her public blowjob, I was clearly elevated.
“There are children here,” Masha resisted sluggishly.
– Come on, they are almost adults, almost your peers.
– Well, anyway, somehow it is not good, – honestly, I was struck by this incomprehensible, from which the embarrassment of Masha, who took it, I was even somehow confused.
Masha once again stopped my attempts to get into her womb: – I wanted to go to the toilet, I will go.
And you sleep.
All this was more than strange.
First, about ten minutes ago Masha had already gone to the toilet; secondly, what are these funny excuses about children, about uncomfortable: and this says the girl who does not consider shameful a blowjob in front of the public! And why did she want me to fall asleep more quickly? The picture did not develop.
Masha was not and was not.
Suddenly, strange sounds began to be heard from the next room, which were becoming stronger.
What is it: creak, groan? Or both? Creeping on tiptoe to the door, I thief quietly opened the door. Tv sex online show.

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