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Standing in front of me, he continued to massage his penis.
Having been fed up with this picture, I slipped off the couch and walked to him on all fours.
Looking up, I saw huge eggs that pulsed and then compressed and then unclenched.

Despite the fact that the member was already almost excited to the limit and the skin on the scrotum stretched, they still seemed incredibly large to me.
I opened my mouth wide and reached for the scrotum and literally sucked one egg into it.
With pleasure sucking and kissing them in

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turn and rolling them from one cheek to another.
I was in seventh heaven sucking the loins of this guy.
His dick rubbed against my face, saliva oozing from my mouth, richly covering the eggs.
Misha took me by the chin, throwing my head back a little.
Realizing his intentions, I opened my mouth making a sponge ring.
A second later, a sharp jerk in me drove a member of his entire length.
It was not the first member in my mouth; I breathed deeply with my nose and coped with the gag reflex, although I had to significantly expand the lip ring as the term was rather thick.
Misha, having thrown his hands behind his head and slightly leaning the pelvis forward, allowed me to stick my mouth on his penis myself.
– Good !!! – Misha said – And the nipple is good, and the ass is valid !!! These words excited me even more.
I tried to cram a member as deep as possible with one hand and I clutched Misha’s ass while the other skillfully massaged his balls.

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At that moment it seemed to me that I was in the midst of a typhoon of passion and excitement.
Misha grabbed my head with both hands and helped me swallow his penis in addition by making forward movements towards me.
Everything looked like a wild marathon, no one had ever fucked me in the mouth with such force.
Saliva stood out in huge numbers that trickled down the chin and breasts hanging down and dripping onto the floor.
Obviously full of deep suction, Misha grabbed my hair and pulled it over my arm and pulled me away from his penis and dragged me to the sofa.
– Well, lustful girl, did you like to suck? Well I fucked you in my mouth !? – he said – Now you will see how I’ll fuck you up with your delicious ass-There are different situations, different sex, but at that moment everything was exactly as I wanted.
I wanted to have me as you like, anywhere.
Misha pulled me by the hair and raised my hand so high that I had to stand on tiptoe.
He was not tall, but I was even lower, but our faces were opposite each other.
I looked into his burning desire to own me eyes and could not but hold his lips to his lips.
Kiss it hard to call, we deeply run tongues in the mouth to each other.
I just licked him and was ready to lick every inch of his body.
Continuing to hold my hand over my head, Misha turned my back to him.
After looking around the battlefield, my fighter rushed into battle, he stroked my ass by jerking down her halves from the bottom, so they jumped up to the top.
Gradually the power of slaps increased (I already described my ass to you, by nature it was given to me of a female form and very appetizing as Misha put it forms plus certain fitness classes aimed at improving her forms, there is also the fact that I forgot a little and my ass slightly overgrown With fat, why was it even more rounded and the absence of cellulite, inherited from my masculine beginning), so that the slaps were given by the ringing sound of the room.
Stroking stopped instead. Misha just squeezed my buttocks hard.
I stood on tiptoe so that the priest just heaved to the top.
– Oh, you have a good ass! – Misha said even more slapping and squeezing it. Watch free sex movies online for free.

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