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Brazilian friends Misha and their girls came up to us, and rattled in Portuguese.
Dasha and Misha were chatting about something with them, and I was waiting for execution on my bed.
Of all of us, only Dasha and I were in swimming trunks, the others were tanning naked.

At some point, the Brazilian girls started poking at me and asking Dasha something.
Dasha something answered them, as if making excuses.
I asked: – Dash, what are they talking about? – They ask why you are shy all the time in shorts.
– Yes, I’m not ashamed of anyone, just reluctance.
Dasha translated my words to them, then the girls, as Michael had planned, ran up to me and with a laugh broke the heat from me.
For a few seconds there was a deathly silence, and then the Brazilian women, gambling and sentencing something, began to poke their forefingers with my already small penis, and in swimming trunks also shrunk to indecently small sizes.
Brazilians laughed to tears, and commented on something to each other in Portuguese.
In Dasha’s eyes I read awkwardness and even some kind of shame; it seemed to me that she moved away from me, leaning against Michael.
I asked another idiotic question: – Dash, why are they laughing ?.
“Well,” my wife picked up the words, “They said they had never seen such a tiny note, such as, their clits, and that more.”

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And only Mikhail remained imperturbable, he just said to me: – Do not pay attention.
Well, they are wild people, they are used to the fact that penis size should be big, they only think about sex and pleasure, and they don’t understand high relationships, right, Dasha? – Yes, probably.
– the wife answered very uncertainly.
Yes, and the very speech of Michael wore a provocative character, to once again make my wife think about the size of the penis and the carnal pleasures, which she was deprived of.
And I understood perfectly well that I looked miserable against the background of these chocolate young people with good figures and big penises – they were filled with sex.
When they calmed down, I again wore swimming trunks, which caused a new bout of Brazilian laughter.
But if

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my shame is needed for the good of the cause, then I am ready to survive it.
Only it was not all for today.
At three o’clock in the afternoon I, Dasha and Mikhail agreed to go to the gym, warm up on the simulators.
It was immediately obvious that the gym for Mikhail was his element.
He clearly knew how and what works, on which group of muscles, which loads should be given.
He did everything beautifully and clearly, with restraint and placement.
Dasha, too, was in her own world, and only I asked Mikhail about everything, and sat down next to him on simulators, after he significantly reduced the load for me.
He also helped Dasha, but not as much as me, but with valuable advice, or helped hold her legs, or warmed her muscles with a massage.
Michael was great.
Dasha glanced at him all the time, studying how sweat trickles run down his embossed body.
After eating for about an hour and a half, we went into the shower – he was alone for both men and women.
They threw off their soaked sweatshirts and shorts.
Dasha was without a bra, but in Hebesh white panties, which are also soaked with sweat. Webcam squirt live.

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