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Her face was red and she was breathing heavy.
“Wow,” She said, looking at me, “I haven’t had a guy go down on me in years.
” “Did you enjoy it?”” I asked, knowing what her answer would be.
“Immensely,” she said. Madjoker mobile porn video chatting online usas.
We lay on the bed for a few moments, allowing her to recuperate.

As I looked at her, I was amazed at how she looked.
She was fifty three years old, yet her body was somewhat toned.
Her tits were still firm and round. American singles chat.
I could tell that she took good care of herself.
After a few moments of chatting, she asked me to lie on my back.
She began licking and kissing my body, downward to my already half hard cock.
When she got to it, she began licking my shaft and looked me right in the eyes.

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She grabbed my cock and began sucking my balls as she stroked me.
My hard cock throbbed in her hand, and I was very concerned that I was going to cum quickly.
That apparently was her goal, because she began stroking my cock even faster. Evilnotalone 2019 kerala nude.
Then, to my surprise, she began licking my ass.
I was getting the best hand job I’d ever had, and wasn’t going to last long.

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