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Let’s not waste this opportunity then, William.
” I lay back on the couch, one leg extending along the back of the couch and the other leg dangling over the edge.
William followed me down.
The tip of his swollen cock was now inches from my moist quivering pussy lips. Ally mcbeal transvestite client.
He took his cock in one hand and rubbed it up and down against my pussy lips.
They parted wanting him to thrust his hot meaty pole deep inside of me.
Instead, he slid it in only until the tip disappeared. Muslim fuck in office.
I watched my hungry labia swallow his tip.
I moaned and came again.
“Don’t tease me, William.
Fuck me.
Fuck me hard.
” I couldn’t believe I had said that.
I think it shocked William as well.
But it got my point across. Piss mop amber lynn scott.
He lunged hard and rammed his entire cock deep inside of me.
I moaned and screamed as he pounded away at my pussy.
My head tilted back and I put my arms over my head.
William grabbed my wrists in his hands and pinned them down to the couch.

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I loved when a man would take control of me.
He was no longer mild-mannered William; he had become William the Conqueror.
I’ve never seen a man thrust so hard or so quickly as William.
His body was shaking and he was panting as he almost jumped up and down on me as his cock plunged deeper and deeper inside of me. Eroticchat without account.
I was having trouble catching my breath as my orgasms were now continuous.
I felt my juices flowing from me and running down my thighs to my butt crack.
His couch was going to be soaked.
His cock began to pulse wildly as if it were convulsing inside of me. Fuck buddy chula vista.
I felt his tip expand against my inner walls.
He squeezed my wrists even more as his body stiffened.
With one more violent thrust, I felt his cock erupt inside of me.
William was now moaning and screaming as I had done before. Fat buttfucking shemale.
Uhhh!” He grunted like a wild animal as he pumped load after load of his creamy hot cum deep inside my drowning pussy.

Finally, he stopped thrusting.
His cock was completely inside of me.
I could feel it pulsing gently now. Good doggystyle.
” One last gentle moan from William as his body fell limp on me.
I’m sorry.
I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said as he realized he was still gripping my wrists very tightly.
Not at all.
I love that you took me that way. Horny asian gallery.
” We both lay there for a short time.
I loved feeling his warm body on mine.
His cock was now limp and sliding out of me.
I kissed him softly as he began to stand up.
The phone rang.
Without even answering it, William knew who it was. Russian dating agency list.
“Oh my God.
I was supposed to pick up a body.
That’s where I was headed when I found you outside.

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