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It was like catching up with an old friend.
Only a million times better than Facebook, and not just because we were both still naked, enjoying the touch and the feel and also the anticipation of round two. Mature vaginal fisting.
I asked her about Duncan and her family, and with social etiquette being what it is this inevitably led onto a discussion about Jill.
Which prompted Gemma to pick up the still unopened cream envelope from the side of the bed. Nude asian blonde women.
In my excitement to be with Gemma again, I’d removed the red bow from around her tummy but forgotten all about the envelope.
I didn’t recognize the handwriting on the envelope, which surprised me as I’d assumed it would have been Jill’s. Sex on web cam.
It was only when I opened the card and read the two missives and their accompanying signatures that I was totally sure the handwriting was Gemma’s.
The two sets of female handwriting were side-by-side on opposite sides of the crease, Jill’s on the left and the first I choose to read.

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‘Hi Dave, honey, I hope you enjoy your present.
I know I said I’d give you a different present on your birthday in April, but I thought you might enjoy this one more.
Don’t play with it too much and break it. Sysprep error updating registry.
Remember, she has a husband to go back to and he wants her back in working order.
Besides which, I want that you’ve got something left in the tank for your poor little wife when she’s home at the weekend. For safe sex chating msg me in my page guys.
Thanks so much for letting me do this thing.
The work side would have been enough because I know how you’ll miss me.
But letting me be with Chris is the icing on the cake.
Thanks, honey.
Love you always, and missing you always, even if I am having fun. Vancouver free adult dating service personals.
All my love, Jill xxxx’ I almost shed a tear as I read Jill’s heartfelt words.
Somehow the fact that she didn’t hide from me how much she’d enjoy the trip made her words all the more real and special.

As I read her words a second time, it was almost as if she was in the room with me. Locker room hd.
I was feeling so emotional, a mix of love and missing Jill, that it was quite some time before I gathered myself and was able to read what Gemma had written.
‘Dave, when Jill asked me to be your going-away present from her to you, I was overjoyed and happy to play my part. Tinki671 nosex video canadalive.
I’ve only known you and Jill a little while really, but I’m loving getting to know you both.
I hope we’ll all be friends for many years and that you’ll enjoy your times in your new lifestyle as much as Duncan and I do. Pixtures women pissing in urinal.
Looking forward to being your Jill replacement for the next few weeks.
Such big shoes to step into, but I’ll try my best, Gemma xx’ Obviously less emotional reading Gemma’s words, nonetheless I smiled across at this wonderful woman after I’d read her words again. Ebony kitten pornstar free movie.

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