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Having been away on duty for the last eighteen months, my kit bag was packed and I was waiting for the troop bus to take me to the plane so I could go on leave and spend some long overdue quality time with my family. Freexxx online chat wapcam.
The rest of my platoon were talking about their family, wives, girlfriends and children but I was single and going home to my parents, sisters and brother whom I had not seen since I left to go on tour. Gvardey fb sex chat live.
My family and I were very close and always there for each other no matter what; we were all very open and could discuss anything.
We were lucky to live in a big house on our ranch with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and sauna surrounded by woodland and fields where we could all indulge in our naturist lifestyle without any worries.

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Now on board the plane with the noise of the engines and all the guys chatting, I seemed in a world of my own thinking of my loved ones and our reunion.
After landing and walking through the airport doors I was greeted by my older brother, Kyle, who threw his arms around me to welcome me home. Chinese girl.
I remembered thinking how strong his arms felt and that he must have still been working out in the gym a lot.
He was just over 6ft, with light brown short cropped hair, broad shoulders, a much defined 6 pack and an eight inch, thick, cut cock. Adult personals east providence rhode island.
Throwing my kit back into the back of the pick up we started the hour long journey home, my brother Kyle bringing me up to date with all the news while I had been away.
As we turned into the long driveway to our ranch my smile grew. Hairy snatch creampie.
Kyle pulled over and we got out of the pick up and I took a good look around.

The horses running around in the paddocks, the beautiful sky above our land, the deep lush colours of the woodland and the sound of the creek nearby brought all sorts of memories back to me when suddenly I heard my name being called… Stacey, my twin sister, was riding up the track on her pony. Single horny milfs delden.
As she was waving at me I couldn’t help watching her breasts bouncing up and down.
Stacey was 5ft 4 and had long red hair, bright green eyes, 34D breasts with large pierced nipples, a slim waist, well rounded pert firm ass and slim legs. Wrinkled granny slut.
She got alongside us and climbed down off her pony.
We threw our arms round each other kissing and squeezing each other.
Kyle said, Come on, the rest of the family are waiting, let’s go.

Stacey climbed back into the saddle and I couldn’t help but admire that firm cute ass of hers as she made her way back along the track. Handcuffed throatfuck.
We parked in the big open barn and headed inside the house, the smell of home cooking filling my nostrils.
My mother appeared from the kitchen in nothing but an apron.
She was 5ft 2, with shoulder length red hair, rich hazel eyes, 36c breasts, small nipples and tight buttocks. Swing parties in ramla.
She burst into tears as we hugged.
I then felt a hand on my shoulder and a body pressed into me from behind; it was Stacey.
I was now sandwiched between two very sexy women.
Even if it was my mom and sister my cock started to twitch. Cheryl chase dating.
Welcome home, my darling, we have all missed you so much, said Mom.

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