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Sometime in the night, I was aware of a nubile body climbing over me, but I dozed with girlish moans of pleasure in my ears.
I presumed it was Julie returning a pussy-licking favour to my intended wife. Cum on my nipples.
We saw Julie off with lots of hugs and kisses in the morning and a promise that she’d call at the weekend.
“She’s lovely isn’t she, Dave?” Annie said as we prepared to bike to Frank’s place, “She woke me up in the night eating me.

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” As if I didn’t know! “Right David,” boomed Frank when we arrived, “we’re off to Norfolk, another auction and, hopefully, four more boats.
” “Four, wow!” I exclaimed.
“That’ll do for this year, probably next year, too. Girls peeing in pants trailers.

I’ll own ten boats and I hope they’ll all be earning for me very soon,” Frank said.
It was almost a repeat performance of the previous visit to the marina near home; well, it was certainly closer than Norfolk. Twink white blowjob penis and crempie.
Frank spoke to the auctioneer and then wrote out another cheque, but this one was for a hundred thousand pounds.
I was stunned.
I knew he had money, but he’d paid out over a quarter of a million pounds in three days. Busty susie wilden.

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