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You look very stylish in them.
Then let’s go pick up something with butterflies too? “Aunt ran for five minutes around the store, and I stared at myself in the mirror and could not believe that all this was happening to me.”
For several months, the hair on the head has grown back, the waist has narrowed even more, even the face has become a bit more feminine than before, the sharp features on the cheekbones and cheeks have gone, and the smile has become somewhat flirtatious or something.

– I found! Hold on! “Aunt handed me a thin, translucent white blouse with a bow tie on my chest.
Having tried on a blouse, I said: – In principle, I like it.
What do you think Ol? “Olya looked attentively and said:“ Sash, this will not work. ”
This jacket can not be worn without a bra.
You see everything through it.
Look, even the nipples are visible.
“I looked at my nipples, which glowed like arrows from excitement and naively asked my aunt:“ But.
but I’m a boy.
Ol, so wrong.
Why do you talk about it as if it is normal? —– Yes, because look at your figure.
Sin does not emphasize it.
Have you ever seen a boy with such a sexy booty? (at the same time the aunt smiled devilishly and slapped on my ass that I even screamed ,.
as a girl) I understand perfectly well that it gives you pleasure to try on girl’s clothes and be a girl in the eyes of guys.
I, on the contrary, try to help you.
By the way, your dad told me about the incident with the bathroom, I have never seen my brother, so excited and red with embarrassment.
“I also began to blush at the words about my father, my aunt noticed this and, in order not to touch this topic, I said that it was time for us to go to the lingerie store.
Olya has chosen a lot of outfits for herself, different combinations, peignoirs (she didn’t wake up from men, but she tried to hide it carefully), for me she chose several sets with different types of panties (from shorts to thongs), pantyhose and stockings.

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To convey my joy at that moment is completely impossible.
I put on my bra under my sweater, and

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my small breasts visually became larger, which led me and my aunt to a real delight.
– Beautiful! Sasha, you know that we forgot to buy you? – said Olya.
– What? —— Shoes.
Look at you: trendy jeans, a beautiful sweater and these wretched sneakers.
We definitely need something to pick you up.
—— Ol, with clothes, I still understand.
but shoes.
what will the father say? —— I’ll be with you.
You do not worry, Sash.
We’ll talk about everything with dad.
—When we entered the shoe store, I was afraid that someone would suspect that I was actually a guy.
But the female consultant calmly approached Olya and asked how she could help us.
– Yes, we would choose shoes for this lady, – said aunt.
The woman brought several pairs of shoes that were with the largest price tag in the store.
I gently whispered aunt about how much shoes are.
– Never save on yourself, dear.
Get used to it, then your dad will have to work hard to provide such a daughter.
Dance classes taught me to go in kabukh, so I felt very comfortable in the shoes.
Aunt told me to walk in the shoes, and when I walked to the mirror, I noticed the looks of several men on my ass.
Jeans fitted her tightly, and every step I took made the buns to move from side to side, up and down, and high-heeled shoes were really exciting for the stronger sex.
I even heard from behind as one woman said to her companion: “What is staring at this youngster? Are you not ashamed even though? ”These words gave me a sign about the final victory of femininity within me.
– Yes friend.
You have excellent natural data, but you must understand that it is not so easy to keep yourself in good shape, so you have to watch your appearance.
We have a couple of hours left before your dad arrives, so let’s go to the beauty salon to make you a goddess.
I will leave you there, and I myself will go shopping, I did not manage to buy everything.
“I always dreamed of having a beautiful haircut, but I didn’t expect that all my dreams would come true in one day.
– Girl, you have surprisingly thick hair! With such hair, for sure, you work as a model! – the hairdresser joked.
I straightened and laid my hair so that my hairstyle seemed to reflect my grace and at the same time modesty and shyness. American model big boobs.

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