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Yes, just awesome – he picked up, continuing slightly touching to stroke the trembling buns of my wife.
From such comments Natasha flushed, she turned her back to us, she pulled her hands off her forehead and now just hugged herself, holding her hands on her waist.
So soft and gentle – continued Andrew, gently squeezing the bun with his hand.

Everything is already – Natasha said a little displeased, her skirt was already lying down around her ankles.
Yes, yes – Andrew, trying not to bend the stick, hastily removed his palms from her buttocks and now simply held Natasha under her elbow.
Wife too hastily began to step out of the fallen skirt and hooked with one foot began to fall.
But Andrey’s tenacious hands caught her and held her back.
Thank you – the wife turned red and embarrassed smiled at him – I can see today exceeded my norm – as if she added excuses, leaning over to raise her skirt.
The men whistled, the wife realized too late that with her back to us she presented a stunning look, rounded fluffy buns, a strip of panties sinking between them, deeply cutting and thus not completely hiding her pussy.
His wife straightened up, holding her skirt in her hand.
Thank you Natasha, great shots – Sergey said, pointing to the camera – and most importantly so naturally – he continued with a gasp – pose again.
I didn’t do it on purpose – my wife embarrassedly chirped, blushing even more, everyone nodded, making it clear that they didn’t believe her for a second.
My wife was even more embarrassed – I didn’t want, because everyone thought that she did it on purpose, she was completely lost.

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We play further or take rest – asked Andrei.
Let’s take a break a bit – answered Natasha, apparently hoping to gather strength.
Then dancing – said Andrey cheerfully.
But maybe it is not necessary – Natasha looked plaintively at the man.
I already turned on the tape recorder, the melody sounded.
But the music asks – Andrew depicting a gallant bow extended his hand to my wife.
– My wife began, but Andrew, not listening to her timid objections, had already led her to the middle of the room.
I don’t know what to call a dance when both dancers are in underwear, but I definitely liked it.
Well, take it – Sergey handed me a camera – I am now – he went out into the corridor.
When filming my wife’s dance with Andrew on camera, I felt like my cock was tense, I had a great desire to jerk it off, but I restrained myself.
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breast to Andrew’s chest, feeling the closeness of his body, Natasha was very embarrassed, her face became almost red.
A member of Andrew, too, was not asleep, and gaining a certain power quite clearly protruded from the bottoms and at certain moments clearly rested against the body of my spouse.
The wife could not help but feel it, and she felt it, because sometimes she tried to move a little away from the man, thereby bulging her ass a little back.
Leading my wife in the dance, Andrew whispered something in her ear, first Natasha listened to him a little hard, but he apparently poisoned jokes or something like that, because gradually a smile began to appear on my spouse’s face more and more often.
She even relaxed a little and it became easier to relate to the situation.
Dancing, Andrew laid his hand on her bare buttock.
His wife said something to him, he shook his head, whispered something to her in response, but did not remove his hand.
Natasha tried to argue something, arguing with her, Andrew continued to hold her palm on her bottom.
And Natasha seems resigned to this, having tried to object to something else, she already nodded to him graciously and smiled a little and without doing anything else she continued to listen to the man.
And that’s it! Wife slightly resisted and retreated! Apparently alcohol is a good helper.
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