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And lower the big lips Give all touch, pulling.
Leading a shameless girl to delight, All began to knead and stroke his bosom And out of it was love juice, It plentifully poured between the legs.
Elena sweetly moaning, Bliss indulging in pleasure.

Between the lips opened the clitoris scarlet, Yeast and arousing passion.
Clothes remnants soon removed, Nude, long eagerly crushed.
Praising her obedience, Preparing penetration.
And in anticipation of the serene Helen led to the box.
And knocking back gently, Wider legs spread.
Between the legs, wet, the gap opened, My heart beat sweetly.
Then came the bliss of a sweet moment, The first member penetrated the damsel.
The excitement pleasantly lasted, And everything blurred in my eyes, And with every sweet movement Elena exclaimed: “Ah!” Embracing a man with legs, She arched her back with passion, Gave herself to pierce between her legs As far as the member could penetrate.

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Diligently, her flesh was tormented, Delight of lust reached, Accelerating His movements, He brought detente nearing a moment.
Elena suddenly fluttered, Peak pleasure experienced.
Convulsions sweet flow of copulation result.
The man worked nicely Elena satisfied, He poured out a torrential stream, Remained pacified.
Not allowing the girl to come to his senses, the Second decided to frolic with her.
He ordered on all fours to get up, And to raise the ass higher.
Elena immediately turned, And pulling her face up shamelessly, Like a cat, stretched sweetly Substituting a slit for pleasure.
Wet moist thighs, bosom, Traces of sophisticated caress, From the lips of the open softly flowed Amorous moisture stream.
For the waist to her closer Her man pulled up And dropping a little lower, On a huge member pulled.

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The harlot, the Joy of sinful mistress, cried out softly.
So as not to interrupt the pleasure, I gave myself again to torment.
At this time, the fleshy piston Entered with an effort slowly, And a grateful partner, She enjoyed herself, breathing a little.
And after the fifth movement Again arousal arose.
Not holding back the passion He enjoyed Helen.
The partner was simply excellent, The old bed creaked, And the gentle mouth was free, And there was something to occupy it.
Then came the very same case, And the rod is wiry, mighty Appeared before a girl’s face, With a head red well done.
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