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Roberto painted his lips, and hard as steel, strapon, very realistic, warm and soft, began to fall more and more into his mouth.
Vika taught him to suck.

He still did it with his hands and eyes tied, but he no longer paid attention to the nuances.
It all ended unexpectedly: the dirty whore was tempted to caress the young suitor, disobeyed the hostess and jumped to her beloved.
You can not condemn the actions committed by a whore in a fit of passion.
She is a whore to follow the instincts, not the dictates of the mind.
Roberto swallowed it by inertia, out of habit, developed over the months of communication with Vika.
After this incident, he disappeared and never appeared again.

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Olga Sergeevna noticed the look of Nastya on her section.
“That’s what I wanted to talk about,” said Olga Sergeyevna bending down.
Gentle thin lips of a woman covered Nastya’s lips and her tongue began to gently caress Nastya’s inner lips.
Nastya is overwhelmed by a stream of emotions.
She hugged her friend and pulled her closer.
Olga Sergeevna was coming off.
She continued to explore her friend’s mouth.
When she broke off, Nastya was still lying with her eyes closed.
“Are you surprised?” – asked Olga Sergeyevna.
I have long wanted this.
I did not know how to tell you “- answered Nastya.
“So everything is in order?” the woman asked.
More than.
“” What only? “” I love you “- looking into the eyes of a woman said Nastya.
“I know” “From where?” “I love you too, just as I saw you in the hospital.

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I did not want to part with you.
I wanted to confess to you myself, but I was afraid that you would consider me an old marazmatichka.
And not before that you were then.
“- Olga Sergeevna calmly replied.
“I feel awkward.
“- confusedly said Nastya.
“Why? Why are you embarrassed?” – Olga Sergeevna asked looking into Nastya’s eyes.
“I’ve never had this before.
Previously, I did not perceive a woman as a partner or a favorite.
“” Probably because she did not like a woman.
“- Olga Sergeevna suggested.
“And what should we do now?” – asked Nastya, looking at Olga Sereyevna.
“What? What? Live and enjoy every minute spent together.
Or are you not yet confident in your feelings? “” Or maybe the feeling is stronger than love? “” It is not good to answer a question with a question, but I will answer.

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