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I realized that she, too, came to orgasm and is about to finish! I began to masturbate fiercely.
The girls came closer to the booths, and here.
what I dreamed of happened — we ended up with her at the same time.

How do I understand that she did it? Her leg, which is still in my booth, last stretched out tensely, then finally softened.
She slowly removed the shoe.

Well, at that very moment I barely managed to send my dick deep into the toilet bowl before I was fired from the copious and powerful jet of sperm, dropping loudly into the water.
It seems that my neighbor shuddered at the sound and listened.
I did not pay attention to it, because I just got the most unforgettable orgasm in my life.
I stroked my smooth legs again.
Oh, I’m a delightful, but naughty girl! The girl on the left again tapped her heels, flushed and slipped out of the booth.
Apparently, I went to the sink, because I heard a splash of water, my girl washed the pens after her wet business.
Just arrived girls came into the booths, intending to write.

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But it was beyond my strength.
I awkwardly got up, pulled on my panties, straightened my skirt, listened.
It was quiet (not counting the thin streams of girls – they did not really want to write).
Probably, my Goddess has already left.
I flushed, threw my purse on my shoulder and left the booth.
What was my surprise when I saw the girl who wrote in the next booth.
She did not leave, but rather waited for me! (she understood correctly.
One by one splash of my sperm, she guessed that someone was sitting in the next booth.
Oh, she was beautiful! She had smooth black hair, gathered a little behind the ears in two charming fluffy pigtails, and a delightful chelochka covering the left part of her face, a tunic in a black and white cell (through which her orange bra shone through) starting from the chest, thus leaving bare her lovely shoulders and neck, a dazzling white skirt to the middle of the thigh, and so familiar red shoes with a low heel.
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