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This is you.
Dimka, wiping wet cheeks and nose, took the phone from him and grunted: – Ale.
– Dmitriy? – I heard a rough and tired voice.

This was Kostic’s father.
– Yes I.

– Kostya you? – No, what happened? – Dimka was worried.
– He ran away from home.
You do not know where he could go? – Not.
We’ve only known him for three days.
– If he comes to you, immediately take him home.
And write down my number, home and work.
Dimka frantically found a piece of paper and an ever-missing pencil, wrote down the phones.
Finally, Kostya’s father spoke barely audibly: “If something happens to my boy.”
I’ll bury you.
Dimka hung up.
His fingers were cold as ice.
A thought came to mind – maybe he went to Deniska? Now the phone disk has become a lifeline.
But – alas.
Mama Deniski said that Kostya did not appear.
There were no more forces to answer her questions, Dimka apologized and put the phone down.
Where Kostya could disappear, he did not know.
And it’s good if the baby does not fall into the hands of some kind of freak, which is full on the streets, especially at night.
– Dima, what’s going on? – asked Uncle Igor, carefully looking at the boy.
– So.

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I’ll go out for an hour, okay? – Well, where are you looking at night? Tomorrow to school, did you do your homework? Yes, what are the lessons there! Dimka even grinned through frozen tears.
He dressed himself and ran out into the dark.
But where to go? For certain, Kostik’s father has already raised the district militia, and even the city police, he has extensive contacts.
And yet Dimka could not sit at home and calmly wait for the news.
He began to scour the alleys and back streets, look into the basements and the playgrounds.
Meeting the company of bored teenagers, Dimka boldly walked straight towards them and, not paying attention to smirks and jokes, asked about a boy in a red jacket with a hood.
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