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It seemed to me that her ass was not raised high enough, and I put a special stand under her tummy, having previously wrapped it with a soft cloth.
From the side it looked so beautiful that I regretted that I did not put her in this position earlier.
But all was not lost, and I tried again, took a small step back, straightened my long-sticking member’s trousers and with a reversal sent a long flexible rod towards Stella’s greatly flushed buttocks.

She managed to react to the whistle and twisted to the side, but, of course, it did not save her.
Rod plunged deep into her hot skin, leaving a long white mark that crossed both its halves slightly obliquely and almost immediately filled with red.

The girl again arched beautifully, throwing her distorted face into the ceiling, but did not budge, and the only sound that followed the whistle of the rod was her deep breath and slow exhalation through her teeth.
Not giving her a break, I again lowered the rod onto her swollen buttocks, hitting a little below the first strike.

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This time, Stella groaned, and both her legs bent at the knees and detached from the floor.
“Feet on the floor, quickly,” I commanded, feeling the closeness of surrender.
Stella obeyed, but after the third blow, which left a long scarlet strip on her thighs, her legs again flew up.
I did not want to tie her, because it was interesting what the limits of her exposure were, therefore, holding the next blow, I said in a gentle tone: “This will happen again, and I will tie you to the rings on the ceiling and you will receive the remaining number of blows with a whip.”
I understand clearly? Stella nodded, and her trembling legs, one after another, sank to the floor, her heels clicking.
I changed the rod, choosing a little longer and thin, and the torture continued.
Bigo live sexy tumblr.

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