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Well? – Tanya laughed, looking triumphantly at Katya, – Only babies do that? Look at what boy put a bunch.
I had to argue with you.
Loudly roaring from the insult that he was once again compared to the babies, the nine-year-old boy finally gave up and, obeying the second unbearable urge, began to write.

Oh, so it was not all! – Kate laughed.
Wow let the fountain! – with a laugh said Tanya.
What are you surprised at? – the doctor smiled, – the boys always pee after they went off in a big way.
Better to put a jar under his trickle.
Forgot you need a urine test? Tanya took from the table a pre-prepared small jar and put it under a stream of Alyoshin.
So pisses, as if enduring a whole day, – she smiled.
Yeah, well! – Kate laughed, – They can not tolerate. Camgirls online bonga.

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