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Apparently she was shy of her already slightly swollen figure, but, nevertheless, she wanted to tan as best as possible, substituting the sun for as much of her bare skin as possible.
So I chose such a lonely place for

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Her bust was not large, but not small.

The bulging tummy, which she immediately instinctively pulled in, fell slightly out from under the shawls.
The navel was not round, but rather oblong, elongated vertically.
On the sides of the small fat folds.
The hips were wide and noticeably plump.
I did not yet know such a word – cellulite.
Her feet gleamed pedicure.
She certainly could not boast of an ideal figure.
However, for the anxious village Gopnik it meant nothing.
Before them was a naked city woman !!! At that moment, I enjoyed every moment of her impending humiliation.
From my arrogant offender will now make a whore.
Will be her fuck in turn, as an affordable village girl! – Who are you? – We are local! And who are you? – I came to the beach to sunbathe.
Please go and do not bother me.
– Inna Sergeyevna said this strictly and confidently.
The guys looked at each other: “Cultural, fuck: Feet-nyu! Teacher, probably!” – What more! The river is not bought! We came here to swim.
Bathe with us? – Water is cold.
– And we swim! And the scum, putting to sleep the vigilance of their future victim, all as one, undressed to melts.
One of them really walked into the river, dived, sailed from the coast, but quickly came back and went to the bank shaking off.
– Well, how’s the water? – Vodichka – nishtyak! – Hey, mermaid! Warm water.
Come swim with us! Inna Sergeyevna, having not thought of what to say, turned away from them, walked over to her things, took out a pack of cigarettes from the bag and nervously smoked.
The panties on her were not thongs, but still her fat buns of a mature woman were sticking out from under the narrow, elastic bikini melting deep into them.

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She didn’t like something in the guys ’behavior, but she didn’t have time to comprehend her suspicion.
Finishing a cigarette, she turned around and froze in surprise.
She looked at her arrogant and confident eyes.
Inna Sergeevna felt the leader’s gaze on her bare thighs, barely covered by her bra.
He seemed to undress her eyes, enjoying her anxiety and disgust.
A woman has never been in such a situation.
She used to see the interested views of men.
And this little pony, arrogantly, confidently grinning, busily assessed her half-naked body.
His gaze slid over her like a thing that already belongs to him.
– Well, okay, you do not want to swim in cold water, then swim with us: on the sand: On the back! – he stepped forward and moved towards her.
The bastard did not try to hide his intentions and brazenly looked at her from head to foot.
Two followed him, two others surrounded her and quietly approached her from behind.
Inna Sergeyevna, not understanding what was happening, was surprised, with growing anxiety, looked at the guys.
– What: What do you want ?! she said in a fading voice.
– What could be the real man from a beautiful naked woman ?! She didn’t believe her eyes and ears! What’s happening?! Is that possible?! The woman paid no attention to the approaching heavy breathing behind her back.
And in vain, because behind Inna Sergeyevna pretty hard, with a savory slap, slapped on the pope.
She stepped forward and found herself in the hands of the scum who approached her.
– Beautiful girl! Give me the meat hold! – he laughed and brazenly ran his hand over her plump thigh.
It was evident how outraged she was.
She pushed him away and slapped him in a loud, biting slap.
– Ah.
you: geek, dirty creature! Don’t touch me, you bastard! she screamed violently.
“So you hit me first?” It’s good! – and he strongly poked Inna Sergeyevna with his fist in the gut.
Her cry broke off in mid-sentence, and she began, coughing, gasping for breath, ceasing all resistance.
Then one of those who stood in the back, masterfully, in one motion, tore off her bra (both ties were tied at the back) and her boobs, having closed in front of a tanned body, fell out.
Their eyes almost opened her round breasts.
The nipples are large, brownish, with such slightly shriveled berries in the middle.
The other pulled both laces of her bikini panty, at the moment they were untied and flew off the woman.
A triangle of dark hair appeared.
Pubis, well developed, stood out.
She screamed in surprise, immediately covering her bare chest with one hand and her bare crotch with the other.
They all began to neigh again.
Inna Sergeyevna was numb with horror.
– Why are you covering yourself? Chaturbate cam models.

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