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Red as a cancer, nine-year-old Alyosha did not know where to go from embarrassment.
Bad pisyunchik! – continued to tease the shy boy nurse, – Mochit Aleshy shorts.
And how long are you going to scold his pussy? – the doctor shouted at Tanya, – Forgot what to do with the child? Put it on the scales.

Tanya took Alyosha by the hand and led to a large white weights.
Get here, she said.
The boy stood on the scales and the nurse began to move the weights.
Stay calm! – shouted at Alyosha Tanya, – Why are you shifting from one foot to the other? What do you want to write? Or more? Alyosha blushed deeply.
He has long been keen to crap – of course from a laxative candle inserted in the ass. Creamy squirt webcam.

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