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Gently rolling panties, he managed to stroke her ass, admiring her buttocks.
The correct rounded shape, they resembled two halves of a rubber ball and looked deliciously on long and slender legs.
Roman squeezed one half with his whole palm and felt the tender flesh under the velvety skin.

Here it is, it’s really my wife.
Yes, no wonder that her boyfriend tried to plant there.
No one, even me, would refuse such a thing.
And what I, who I am – a husband, so a husband, still wait.
Well, I do not.
He wound up so much that he did not notice how he pulled off his pants.
Hard as steel, his cock looked into the cut of those ripe peaches.
Roman spread the buttocks, brought his lump close, and hit the whole torso on the tense anus.
The head with tension straddled the tight little ring, and Lera mechanically crouched in pain.
Member immediately slipped on the back, and rested on the head.
Lera stubbornly silent, and only the rustling of urine on the foliage, spoke for itself.
She asked for a napkin, after all, but he gladly did everything himself.
Then he helped to rise, and hugged his hands in the pelvic region.
His fingers hurried to penetrate the hollow on a small triangle.
Keeping his hips tightly on her bottom, he began to drive intensely between two buttocks.
Lera, stood still, afraid to argue with her spouse, as always she felt guilty in that distant incident.
Not showing any feelings, she was not satisfied with the actions of her husband.
He, like the taxi driver, immediately pounced on her, without the foreplay, which she now lacked the most. Cute hidden cam sex teen.

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