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It was still a shame for everything that the nannies got up with me, but the fatigue of what I had been through for half a day gradually took over and I began to fall asleep.
Waking up from a strange feeling, I could not understand what was bothering me.
Strongly grabbed the stomach and besides, it was impossible to move either hands or feet.

The pressure in my stomach forced me to fart and I immediately felt a warm mass

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between my buttocks.
“What have I done?” – I panicked in panic, but could no longer stop filling the diaper with a nasty mass.
The gauze diaper was so cramped that everything began to creep between my legs.
A new sensation suddenly appeared: strange warmth in the groin area.
Feeling how the heat slowly spreads in all directions, I guessed.
what I write in my diaper, and finally woke up.
If I still could tolerate dry diapers, it was absolutely impossible to lay in wet ones.
Discomfort turned into torture, especially when wet diapers began to cool.
The most offensive was to feel their complete helplessness and dependence on the nurses, who mocked at me as they wanted.
I could not stand it and wept bitterly.
What is he roaring? – I heard a worried unfamiliar voice.
Go check, – the second female voice laughed, – Probably wet.
A stranger in a white robe leaned over my bed.
“After dinner, new nannies” – I guessed.
Well, Svetka? – impatiently asked from the depths of the room another girl, – I was right? Now I will feel, – the nurse, who was called Sveta, smiled.
Sveta threw back my blanket and stared at me in surprise.
Come here, Masha! – She called the second nurse, – I’ll show you this now! A second nurse who came up to my bed for a couple of seconds looked at me in surprise and then began to laugh.
Who is this, interestingly, thought up to swaddle the toddler? She asked through laughter at the Light.
I myself am amazed, – said Sveta, – What was nothing for them to do? Sveta felt my diapers in front.

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And what a wet! – She smiled, – It is not surprising that I woke up.
I immediately told you that I was wet, – Masha grinned.
Do not Cry! – Light said gently, taking me out of the crib, – Now I will release you from these wet diapers.
The nurse brought me to the changing table and began to quickly unfold my diaper.
Look, he has prepared another gift for us in the diaper, ”she sighed as she reached my diaper.
Sveta gently unwrapped my diaper and immediately clamped her nose.
Wow! – Masha was surprised, – So I crap one’s pants.
Having pulled my legs up, Sveta began to diligently wipe my ass with me.
I also always do that, ”said Masha,“ First I wipe the child’s ass with his own diaper.
Having spent time with me for half a minute, Sveta gently pulled a wet diaper out from under me.
So much better, she smiled.
Aha, the priest has become much cleaner, – agreed Masha, – And then the horror that was going on there.
All the same, we must now thoroughly undermine, – said Sveta, – Probably it is better to shift it to another table.
To not lay on these wet diapers.
Light shifted me to a nearby changing table.
I expected her to start wiping me with special wet wipes, but the girl went to the sink and brought a small bowl of water from there.
“I don’t like these disposable napkins,” she confessed to Masha, soaping a small rag taken from a bowl. “I think that you should always wash your baby with soap and water.
Especially if crap one’s pants.
I also try not to use wet napkins, – Masha agreed, – They dry the skin, not to mention the fact that many babies get irritated with these napkins.
Sveta lifted my legs to the top and began to slide up and down between my buttocks with a soapy rag, not forgetting to go deep into my sensitive hole.
I could barely endure the unpleasant procedure.
Like a boy’s dirty for the testicles, – said Masha, – Wash there to the karapuzu as follows.
Squeezed by strong adult hands to the table and defenselessly open between the legs, I could not dodge the tickling cloth in the hands of a nurse.
So fidgeting, – complained to Sveta Masha, – I wonder why no boy can lie quietly during washing away? It is necessary to distract the baby with something, – Masha smiled.
Suddenly, a bright plastic toy appeared right in front of me.
Look what a bunny! – Masha gently told me.
I reached out with my hands to the toy bunny, wondering why the primitive toy interested me so much.
Thank you, Masha, – nodded Sveta and started tickling me again between my legs.
What bunny ears! – Masha laughed, continuing to play with me, – Well, did you taste them? Delicious? Having tortured me for another half minute, Sveta lowered my legs down. Desi couple webcam sex.

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