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Stasik fidgeted on him, then squatting, then getting up, parted his crotch with both hands as wide as possible.
And in his face it was noticeable that he was madly in love with this “process,” bringing him to a complete exhaustion.
I just faded away from the new sensations, without ceasing to quickly delay its cute “gizmo” sticking out of my navel.

We both worked so hard at an accelerated pace that we were completely mad with pleasure, pleasant and unique.
The deeper Stasik sat on me, that is, on my “battle gun”, the more swiftly and furiously I moved my hand, squeezing his “piston” from my last strength.
Here – here, here and there, up – down, up – down.
Joy overflowed with pushes, and the mutual tension reached the limit somehow too quickly this time: we finished at the same time, in the last fraction of a second we felt an eruption of a turbulent flow.
I had to hold Stasik with one hand, not letting him rise; I gripped the other one tightly in my fist – and a sticky trickle of translucent semen splashed out of his crimson’s “hose”.
The first drop she timidly splashed on my chest, and the next strong push-shot flew almost to the chin.
When we came to our senses, we jumped up from the couch, pulling the scattered ammunition on the way, and looked at the clock, time was running out: we had to run in all our shoulder blades for a long time if we didn’t want to stay without lunch! While getting the familiar path, winding between the warehouse buildings, Stasik did not stop for a second – chatter like a grasshopper, as if someone had replaced him again imperceptibly.

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Or did our sex play make him so talkative? I, of course, liked everything that was in the half-dark shed; moreover, I highlighted for myself an important nuance: Stas is far from being new to such “amusements” (it only seemed at first that he was quiet and modest, shy and silent)! All of his actions – both at night and now on the couch – were given a head start with experience, assertiveness, and a businesslike approach to such “games.”
“Though he is still young,” I thought, “what about speed, daring and dexterousness? Ah yes, Stasik, ah yes, a good job!
The fact of our long absence (on such joint work, where one needs no more than an hour!) Did not escape the

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close attention of the colleagues, and they began to tease non-inconsistently: they say, why have we spent there so long? Surely the whole tower in three layers managed to cover! And Sergeant Shostak, known for his unshakable authority, calmly declared: “They drank all the grass near the tower!”
“But Stas and I tried not to react to these jokes and pods.
Only stealthily winked at, retaining complete impenetrability on the faces.
And since then, Stas didn’t move a step away from me – we were only sometimes separated by orders in the kitchen, in the barracks and at the checkpoint, bearing guard duty (I, like preparing for the demobilizer “grandfather”, were not involved in these outfits). Film sex gay online.

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