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Or so it seemed to me at that moment.

– Pussy! Sleep come on! – Kolya whispered back, hugging Natasha tightly by the shoulders.

Natasha froze for a while, feeling the pulsation of hot flesh pressed against her tummy, pulsing against her tummy.
Sleep in her hunting disappeared completely.
Oh, Kohl? Let’s pussy show.
“Natasha looked at Kohl with all her eyes wide open.
Kohl thought for a few seconds, probably for importance, then he pulled back a little, so that it was more convenient and said: “Well, come on.
He lifted his blanket edge and lowered the elastic of his underpants.
Excited member of his emerged and shivered, almost resting Natasha in the tummy.
“Kohl, I can see badly! Can I turn on the light?” Natasha reached out with her palm to the lamp that hung at the head of the bed.
“Yeah, wait.
“Colin’s hand beat Natasha’s palm.
Turning on a dim light, Kolya quickly hooked up his underpants, got up on the bed and pulled the curtains closer to the window.
Kneeling down, Kolya took off his briefs almost to the knees in front of the numbed girl and whispered: “On, look.
Natasha squatted on her heels, and already almost not at all childish, the much inflated member swayed right next to Natasha’s face.
In admiration, she began to examine this live club of a teenager.
It was already a fully developed male member, framed by thick curly shoots, with full ovals covered with sparse hairs of the testicles.
He looked like a rocket with a pink corolla at the end.
“Oh you, Kolya! Is this your pussy? Free indian online sex chat.

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