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Chirping nonsense, she lay down for five minutes and glancing at the Pupkinsky end, she admired: – Well, they say, you and the eagle! Well, if you want and you can, hurray! And they fought three days and three nights, and the winds fell silent, and the rivers stopped, and the damp wallpaper fell from the walls.
Stopped this nightmare inexorable time.
Hastily dressed Pupkin ran along Peter and was terribly shy of continuing erection.

The rubbed cock was sore, the back was broken, the sweat poured over his eyes.
As you know, Pupkin was a little late and fell silently into bed.

Do you know how to freeze your hands, for example, when you get into heat? This is how the tortured killers Pupkin, frozen by foolishness with the help of an ointment, began to depart.
Pupkin did everything else without thinking, otherwise he would have stuck his end under the cold, and not under the hot water.
By the end of the story, the poor fellow had an erection and, as it turned out later, until the end of the service.

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That is why what happened to Pupkin can not be called a story with a happy ending.

Some may decide that the sofa does not know in my heart of competition with other furniture.
By no means! From time to time, the sublime love of the organism to the horizon is powerless to prevent the body to rush headlong into the arms of the dinner table and indulge in the vicious passion of gluttony, that is, to fill the belly with everything that is not unsuitable.
Appetite – what a wonderful feature of human nature! Appetite does not let us get bored since ancient times.
Nothing touched us so deeply and nothing brought sadness so much as the absence of a favorite food nearby.
The appetite pushed us to stoning a mammoth and sanding pears from a tree.
And to this day, the appetite remains the brightest and all-consuming feeling.
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