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At the same time, Sasha sat down slightly and spread his elbows, and because of this, the shirt on his stomach stretched.
His face, and so close to mine, came close, and I felt his hot breath on my cheek.
“Close your eyes,” I heard him whisper.

I obediently closed my eyes.
The heightened sense of touch gave a new impulse of pleasure, when the palms, going down, slightly squeezed the buttocks.
“What is your tender skin,” the whisper near your ear made me involuntarily shrink.
“Do not be afraid,” and palms slightly shrinking, began to go down the pope to the legs, pulling the shirt.
And when they were on the bottom of her ass, she slid down her legs and fell down.
I shuddered at the sudden thought that I was completely naked in front of a guy, and he was holding my ass.
But at the same time, his warm hands were not unpleasant to me, and, even their slight squeezing of the ass, gave a pleasant feeling.
It was especially pronounced when the fingers slightly stretched the halves in different directions.
I began to feel the growing desire and felt my dick move.
Suddenly, one hand slipped between the buttocks and sank down between my legs, while the other, with a persistent movement, turned my body sideways to Sasha.

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I shuddered from a pleasant languor, when the middle finger slightly walked through the hole of the anus, and the palm began to spread its legs, penetrating forward from below.
The stopping hand squeezed the ass with a force, slightly squeezing into place somewhere below the scrotum.
His legs involuntarily buckled, spreading his knees to give more room for pressure.
It was delicious.
I understood from the tension in my lower abdomen that my dick was already standing.
Meanwhile, the second hand began to stroke my belly and, sliding smoothly down my thigh, began, gently stroking gently up the inner surface of the leg up to the groin.
I have never experienced such a pleasant feeling before.
My breath stopped, I froze, concentrating on the sensations of my hand on the skin of my thigh, gasping for air.
And, therefore, when this gentle hand, stroking the other on the way between my legs, took the scrotum from below, I exhaled, and together with the air a loud moan escaped from my chest.
Carefully, barely touching, the fingers began to sort out the scrotum slightly.
I moaned even louder.
Owing to the edge of consciousness, I was embarrassed and tried to suppress this moan, but this was beyond my strength.
Feelings of indescribable bliss overshadowed my entire consciousness,

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and I lost control of myself.
All my nature was focused on the hand, which, slightly moving his fingers, rises to the base of the penis.
I was already moaning at the top of my voice when she, having run her fingers over the fat near the base, agreed on my standing, more than ever, member. Free live anal cams.

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